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Forget Global Warming! It’s now time for GLOBAL FRACKING!!!

Scare story on the BBC on Wednesday morning, about shale gas extraction by “fracking” and agitating Blackpool. What a surprise. There appears to be a concerted effort to kill shale gas, despite (or because) it being so plentiful. What a surprise.

Anyway: the scare is unwarranted. What a surprise. Third time.

We’re so green about the environment, we’re recycling our fears too.

  1. pjl20
    2011/06/03 at 10:45

    Shale Oil and shale gas deposits recently discovered beneath the North American continent are massive, estimates indicate up to two and a half centuries worth of reserves may be present subject of course to development, extraction and refinement.

    Similar quantities of reserves in the shale deposits may also be present beneath the European continent however the EU may not necessarily permit exploration to take place, let alone development and extraction of any oil and gas deposits that may be found.

    It is most important that free debate takes place in the EU parliament and in The House of Commons about the exploration of these potential new sources of oil and gas. The green movement in Europe and particularly in Germany may try to scupper any plans for shale oil and gas field development in the way that nuclear energy has been thrown out in recent days by Germany despite the success in France with this form of energy.

    The EU Commission and the British Cabinet may not allow free parliamentary debate on this important issue.

    The UK is so hide-bound by the provisions of the 2008 Climate Change Act and it’s consequences to veto shale oil and shale gas deposit development as a new source of energy away from ‘renewables’.

    Depending on what happens over the next few weeks and months consideration should be given to lobby MEPs and MPs to ensure that free and open debate is allowed to take place. The media such as the BBC has already begun, judging by reports, to try and unfairly influence the debate by using their almost monopolistic methods to persuade people to their ‘corporate’ thinking. The power of radio and TV reporting upon the British public. Beware!.

  2. 2011/06/02 at 15:42

    The BBC has 2 very good (in their mind) reasons to hate Shale Oil. #1 is the North Sea. Shale comes on line, and the north sea aint what it use to be (and their investments go into the crapper).

    #2 is of course that anything that allows the independence of man is to be shunned and avoided. It is only through dependence on government that man can survive (according to the AGW dogma).

  1. 2011/06/03 at 05:50

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