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Much Ado About A Retraction

The Wegman (actually, Said et al) story reminds me of those “scientists” that were so happy for having got a “Nobel Prize” thanks to the IPCC. The fact that it was a Nobel Peace Prize and therefore had nothing to do with “science” didn’t seem to bother them at all. What mattered was the appearance of the “Nobel Prize”.

Likewise, Wegman’s facts are, according to some, irrelevant compared to the Wikipedia copy-and-paste. Ironically, those facts are now characterized as “not really…new results“. Seems like a good endorsement.

Come to think, it’s the same attitude that transmogrifies in the IPCC the WG findings (eg about the Sun) into the absurdist, doubt-free statements in the SPM.

  1. 2011/05/25 at 16:17

    It’s a laughable circular discussion. Apparently, to an alarmist, even though they acknowledge the incestuous relationships as truth, apparently they’re calling “no counts” because some undergrad copied and pasted more undisputed background information. …….. some very strange juvenile logic.

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