Threatener In Chief

There are 2,830 hits for @BBCRBlack on the BBC News site. Of them, 785 include the words “threat” or “threaten”.

That’s 28%.

Environment reporting is a subset of professionalised scare.

  1. 2012/03/07 at 13:01

    I regret to say that almost all those who campaign or report on the environment use hyperbole to emphasise their points, in the absence of irrefutable and proven scientific facts.

    The arch-disciple of this technique being Nicholas Stern (now Lord Stern, of course) formerly of the Cabinet Office, HM Treasury when he wrote his 692 page tome entitled ‘The Stern Review’ – The Economics of Climate Change, first published in 2007.

    This served as the basis of the Climate Change Bill that subsequently, after some debate, passed into law as the 2008 Climate Change Act. Many MPs regarded the drivel this document contained as being the gospel truth about AGW and Climate Change. How wrong could they be?

    My advice? Be very aware of anyone, especially media types and those that profess to be academic scientists, leading-off about this subject. Most know nothing about it. It takes years to become an expert on the subject and when you do you will have learned to be sceptical of any claims made that purport to be the ‘truth’

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