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Here’s Why Mann Is So Bothered About His “Enemies”

Much of the contents of [Mann’s] book is old news“, according to Peter Gleick. In fact, an entire day spent at a website owned by somebody who interviewed the Man, has turned out nothing more than statements accompanied by “that’s nothing new” and “for those buried in the intellectual wastes of the Murdoch media – it will be brand new territory“.

IOW the general consensus appears to be that there is nothing in Mann’s book that has not already been mentioned, described or referred to somewhere on the web (and, I suspect, in the Climategate emails). Somebody tried to make the point that, according to agiographers, Mann’s book contains enough “to spark a dozen Master’s theses“. But that is not the point.

The point is, what would one find in Mann’s book that is nowhere else? Who knows…an insight, a revealing detail, whatever, anything as long as it is new. There has to be a reason to buy and then read the book, right?

According to Mann’s own supporters, the answers to those questions are still “nothing” and “none”. Well, no wonder Mann is ever so bothered about his enemies…with friends like Mann’s, no one needs enemies!

  1. 2012/03/13 at 23:37

    Mr. Mann will be on Tosh.0 soon.

    • 2012/03/13 at 23:46


      • 2012/03/14 at 00:09

        Tosh.0 is a show about funny internet videos, do a search on “Tosh.0 and meltdown”, many bizarre meltdowns.

      • 2012/03/14 at 00:23

        This was the best one, a mother cut off a kids WOW(world of warcraft)account.

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