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Joe Bastardi: Unbelievable Al Gore

2008/03/31 16 comments

Joe Bastardi, long-range forecast expert at, responds to Al Gore’s statements on CBS’s 60 Minutes that people skeptical of AGW are “almost like the ones who still believe that the moon landing was staged in a movie lot in Arizona and those who believe the world is flat“:

I am absolutely astounded that someone who refuses to publicly debate anyone on this matter and has no training in the field narrated a movie where frames of nuclear explosions were interspersed in a subliminal way in scenes of droughts and flood, among other major gaffes, can say these things and then have them accepted… by anyone.

[…] What gets me most is he goes on unchallenged one-on-one on this. Never in all my years of competition have I seen someone elevated to a level that he is, in any thing, without any face-to-face competition to establish credibility.

[…] anyone that believes he knows absolutely what is going to happen with the climate in the future, well you be the judge as to who is the card carrying member of the flat Earth society, that person, or the skeptic.

If This Doesn’t Kill Off Climate Hysteria…

2008/03/31 5 comments

If Professor Mike Hulme’s new document titled “Five Lessons of Climate Change” doesn’t kill off climate hysteria, I do not know what will.

Who he?

I’ve been researching changes in climate and their significance for societies since 1981, first looking at the relationship between rainfall variability in Sudan and traditional drought-coping mechanisms. I have published over 100 peer-reviewed journal articles on climate change topics, served as a Lead Author on the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change in 1996 and 2001, trained 11 PhD students and from 1988 to 2000 wrote a monthly climate column for The Guardian newspaper. I was the Founding Director of the internationally renowned Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, am currently co-ordinating the EU’s biggest project researching into options for European and global climate policy, am one of three chief editors of the journal Global Environmental Change and teach an MSc module on ‘Climate change: science, society and policy’ at the University of East Anglia.

Just read the whole PDF carefully (I learned about it thanks to Bishop Hill).

Prof Hulme is saying, if development for the poorest people in the world will bring climate change, so be it.

Adaptation, not prevention; changes as resources not just risks; and “no global climate governance” that can turn into “a distraction from taking purposeful action“.

Hello Tapuz Users

There’s some traffic coming here from the Tapuz forum in Israel. Among the topics of conversation, my “Results of HadCRUT Data Rank Analysis (V)” blog.

As my knowledge of the Hebrew language is limited to “ken” (“yes”), “lo” (“no”) and “meshuga” (“fool” – please don’t ask!!!), details on what is being said will be very appreciated…

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The Eskimo Word for Robin

Contrary to what reported by the BBC World Service and Sen John McCain by way of Andrew Revkin on The New York Times, there is a word for “robin” in several Eskimo (Inuit) languages.

For the record:

Alaskan Eskimo: Shab’wak
Mackenzie Eskimo: Kre-ku-ak’tu-yok
Nunamiut Eskimo: Koyapigaktoruk

You can read more about how another cute (and ill-founded) global warming scare story bites the dust on the World Climate Report.

84-Year-Old Accused of Future Deaths, Extinctions and Economic Damage

2008/03/29 2 comments

Goebbelism has hit ABC News where AGW skeptic Fred Singer has been accused of being able to delay “government action on global warming by a decade or more by convincing the public through a disinformation campaign that there was an ongoing debate among scientists about global warming”.

Well, for one, I wish I’ll be able to do a tenth of that, when I am 84.

Seriously, NewsBusters is reporting Dr Singer has requested an apology. Let’s see.

But ABC’s shameful portrait of the “grandfather of the global warming skeptics” is just the umpteenth confirmation that the whole Global Warming struggle is not about science, or the environment.

It is about freedom, the freedom AGWers are trying to stifle in all sorts of ways.

XIX Century’s AGW Believers

Again from “Indian Summer: A Myth And A Fact, Too; What The Weather Men Have To Say About The Mild Period Of The Autumn“, by Charles Fitzhugh Talman, The New York Times Magazine, November 5, 1933

[…] Other writers of a few generations ago sought to explain the discordance between the Indian Summer tradition and the Autumn weather actually observed in their own times as one of the manifestations of a changing climate. Belief in the decadence of the “old-fashioned Winter” was then entertained even more widely than it is today, and it was natural to assume that there had been an equally conspicuous change in the character of the Autumns. Both of the supposed changes were usually attributed to the clearing and settlement of the country […]

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Unseasonable Weather, A Common Occurrence

2008/03/27 3 comments

AGW proponents seldom fail to point at episodes of unseasonable weather as evidence that the Earth’s climate is changing.

Trouble is, “unseasonable weather” has been with humanity for a long time. So long, in fact, people have had time to give names to metereological events deemed exceptional, yet recurring.

Here’s a list extracted from an article on The New York Times Magazine, November 5, 1933 (“Indian Summer: A Myth And A Fact, Too; What The Weather Men Have To Say About The Mild Period Of The Autumn“, by Charles Fitzhugh Talman):

Names for Unseasonable Warm Periods:

  • January Thaw (North America)
  • Indian Summer (North America, September to December)
  • Martinmas (Europe, November; around the days dedicated to Saints Luke, Martin, Michael, Bridget, Teresa, or Wenceslaus)
  • Altweibersummer (“Old Wives Summer”, Germany, November)
  • Halcyon Days (Ancient Greece, 14 days of calm weather around the Northern Hemisphere Winter solstice)

Names for Unseasonable Cold Periods:

  • Blossom Winters (eg Blackthorn Winter, Whitethorn Winter in England; Snowball, Redbud, Dogwood Winters in North America; cold periods during springtime, between April and May)
  • Ice Saints (Europe, May; cold days around the days dedicated to Saints Mamertus, Pancras, Servatius and Bonifacius May 11-14)
  • Schafkaelte (“Sheep Cold”, Germany, June; cold enough to cause problems with young lambs)
  • Squaw Winter (North America, September to November; cold and snow before the Indian Summer)
  • Beet Winter (France, September to November; freezing cold)

Names for Unseasonable Heavy Rains:

  • Lammas Floods (England, beginning of August)
  • Equinoctial Storms (Ancient Rome and Europe, both equinoxes; North America, Autumnal Equinox; torrential rains, in the latter case likely to be the tail-end of hurricanes)

I am sure there’s lots more in many more cultures. The “truth” simply is that “seasonable weather” is not cast in stone: and it never has been.

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