Has skepticism invaded the Oval RoomOffice? Just as the Climate Czarine finds something better to do with her life, President Obama allocates six-thousand-eight-hundred words to the State of the Union, in which we can notice:

  1. Zero instances of “climate change”
  2. Zero instances of “global warming”
  3. Zero instances of “climate”
  4. Zero instances of “environment”
  5. Zero instances of “sustainability” (in the greenish sense)
  6. One instance of “protect our planet”

The one or two optimists among the climate alarmists will find solace in the concept that one is infinitely more than zero.

Notably, Obama’s “Sputnik moment” (what a lame analogy…as if China had just come out with a 100-TW solar power station the size of a football field…) concerns itself with getting 80% of electrical (only electrical) power by 2035 using clean (that is, not necessarily sustainable) means.

Then it’s time for “clean coal” and the curtains closing down on the Romm- and Gore-esques of “the defining challenge for our generation”.

Dear Tamino’s, Greenfyre’s, McKibben’s, Skeptical Science’s, Connolley’s of the world: stop wasting your time with us dull, pea-brained, big-oil-paid skeptics, and try to get at least the consensus of One.

Until you manage that, everything else will be a joke.

  1. 2011/01/28 at 10:52

    Well, he got laughed at last year in the annual address when he mentioned climate change. He’s not going to do that again.

  2. Charles Higley
    2011/01/28 at 01:53

    This means nothing. Remember that the climate change scam is a political agenda. All he is doing is repackaging the goals. He still wants the energy changes and the sky-rocketing electricity rates that he crowed about (while smiling) a couple of years ago. Between the EPA’s highjacking of the economy through regulation of emissions and his goals for clean energy we have all of the bad things still on the table.

  3. Tom Ganley
    2011/01/27 at 23:24

    “Has skepticism invaded the Oval Room?”

    I doubt it. All the AGM advocates I know base it on a fundamental belief that humans in general, and western civilization in particular, are a pox on the earth. They will never embrace anything that doesn’t support that idea. Hence, there is no vehicle for them to become skeptical.

    No, I think our President is simply walking away from all issues that won’t help him politically for the next election. It’s what all politicians everywhere do.

    PS. just FYI – The term is ‘oval office’

  4. Jimbo
    2011/01/27 at 21:12

    This time they just can’t hide the decline. ;O)

  5. Mkjon
    2011/01/27 at 19:49

    Climate warming is making it’s last gasps with the many big snow storms in the Northeastern states.

  6. Anthony Watts
    2011/01/26 at 23:38

    ow, that’s gonna leave a mark

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