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Goldman Prizes Show There Is A More Serious Side To Environmentalism

Six prizes for the “Nobel Prize for grassroots environmentalism“, and not even one climate change/global warming/CO2 project in sight.

And out of 130+ winners in the history of the Goldman Prize, only a handful with even a remote connection to global warming.

Some sign of hope or what?

  1. geoffchambers
    2009/04/28 at 20:39

    This is excellent news, showing that genuine defence of the environment is not coterminous with (and may even be incompatible with) catastrophic climate alarmism. Similar conclusions may be drawn from an environmentalist cartoon competition recently highlighted in the London Independent newspaper. All the winning entrants were from South America and Eastern Europe, areas suffering from real pollution which kills real people – not a drowning polar bear in sight.
    The Guardian itself (surely the epicentre of the Warming movement) has an honourable series on its environment pages about alleviating poverty in a Ugandan village, which is completely overshadowed by the articles pontificating about catastrophic climate change. Just why do intelligent concerned centre-left Guardian readers prefer to read doom-mongering by a self-appointed pseudo-scientific élite to articles describing the small steps forward which mankind is capable of making?

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