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New (Fun!) Survey Of Global Warming Evidence

2010/02/10 4 comments

Evidence Of Global Warming Keeps Accumulating

2010/02/09 13 comments

How To Link Record Cold And Snow To Global Warming…

2008/12/17 5 comments

…in a few easy steps!

  1. If a winter is warmer than the average, claim that as evidence that the globe is warming and the climate is changing, because winters are supposed to be cooler
  2. If the following winter is warmer than the average, go back to 1.
  3. If the following winter is average or colder, claim that as evidence that the globe is warming and the climate is changing, because even if winters were initially supposed to be as cold as the average, since recent winters have been warmer than that, then an average or cooler winter is a change in climate (and it is due to global warming because everything is)

Sadly, the above is not an example of sarcasm, but the unvarnished truth of some unbelievable debate currently at play in Italy. I may (or may not) translate the whole thing, but for now I’ll simply point to the record-breaking snowfalls in Piedmont and the Vallée d’Aoste, Northwestern Italy, where :

  • the village of Balme has seen 170cm, 5’7″ of snow in just 24h (previous record in that part of the Alps: 115cm, 3’9″, again in Balme in 1933)
  • Limone Piemonte has been buried in more than 200cm, 6’7″ of snow
  • Champoluc, Vallée d’Aoste, is likely to be evacuated because of too much snow

I’ll also post quite spectacular pictures when I find the time. Couple of videos may suffice for now:

October Snow in London

2008/10/27 1 comment

The BBC is forecasting a sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy day for Oct 29 in London, UK.  Guess that’ll make it very difficult for such a forecast to be wrong.

But how often has it snowed in October in relatively mild England? From the Hollinsclough website:

1762, 1783, 1784, 1785, 1825, 1829, 1836, 1838, 1880, 1885, 1888.

Those values are confirmed at

Another website indicates snow in London on Oct 29 in 1922, and other episodes in England in 1925, 1926, 1934 (as snow showers), 1950, 1964, 1974, 1992, 2000.

Taking all the above as “true”, the average wait is 12.5 years (stdev: 13.1). A snowfall in two days’ time would therefore be not exceptional, really.

Also, there is no much sign of a warming either. The ongoing average has been between 10.8 and 15.75 years since 1825.

OCT 29 UPDATE: It actually did snow in London, but not where I live so I will proceed to shrug it off as a non-event 😎 . No, really: the BBC and the Evening Standard reported it as the first London snow in October since 1934: I suspect the actual date depends on the definition of “London”.

Carbon: Time To Clean Up…the Soot

2008/04/05 3 comments

Given that:

  1. Black carbon (a component of soot) is widely believed to be an “agent of global warming” also in mainstream AGW circles
  2. It is very easy to show the effect of ash on snow. And it is very intuitive.
  3. Such an effect is very likely to be acting right now on the Himalayas, and in the Arctic
  4. CO2 “greenhouse effect” is forecasted to hit us hard but only many, many years in the future. And the science of CO2 warming is not very intuitive, really.

wouldn’t it be infinitely wiser to cut the emissions of anthropogenic soot, rather than of CO2?

Snow in Baghdad

The BBC and other news outlets report that “Snow has fallen in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, for the first time in living memory […] Mohammed Abdul-Hussein, 63 and retired, told the Associated Press he had heard from his father when he was young that snow fell in the early 1940s on the outskirts of northern Baghdad.

I have looked at the archives of The New York Times and there is a indeed at least one reference to that snow storm.

MANY TURKS, GREEKS PERISH IN BLIZZARD; Snow Halts Istanbul Traffic, Cripples Rail Services
Special Broadcast to THE NEW YORK TIMES.
January 12, 1942, Monday
Page 2, 249 words

No matter…this is going to be used as “evidence for climate change” in any case…

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