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Water Boiling-Point Deniers

According to basic physics bread cakes and bricks don’t exist.

The water in the mix boils at 100C so when the oven door is opened only the original powdery substances will remain. This is based on elementary physics discovered by Ur-Arrhenius in the XX millennium BC.

The consensus is multiversal and if you eat bread or cake you’re a water boiling-point denier.

If you eat bricks you’re instead a dentist’s dream client.

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  1. 2012/02/07 at 14:21

    Savant Arrhenius was a very cleaver chemist but not a nice person. He managed to get onto the Nobel Prize Committee and argued that Mendeleev, of Periodic Table fame, had not introduced any new science with his table and that he himself had thought of it but considered it too simple.

    Too simple? Well it enabled other chemists to discover the missing elements that the table showed were there. Mendeleev could also state the chemical properties of each missing element which helped future discoverers.

    Worth a Nobel Prize? Certainly. In use today? Absolutely.

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