The Beginning Of The End

I have a confession to make…it ain’t much fun to talk climate change at a time where AGW and especially Catastrophic AGW are taking blows left, right and center. So in order to keep this blog lukewarm, here’s a heartful “thanks!” to New Scientist for providing the context for planetary temperatures so far:

Around 500 million years of Earth temperature

Around 500 million years of Earth temperature

And yes, our current climate WARMING catastrophe is at the bottom right.

  1. Jan
    2012/01/03 at 00:12

    You celebrate over this article? Did you read it? At the end of it, the
    final statement is

    “But as researchers dig deeper into the factors that influence global climate, it is becoming increasingly clear that global warming might be about to get much more extreme.”

    You can’t handle the truth.

    • 2012/01/03 at 02:39

      Jan – it’s the same old mantra repeated a billion times. You can’t handle the memory.

    • Alice Cheshire
      2012/01/03 at 15:05

      “Might be about to get much more extreme”. That is logically equivalent to “MIght be about to get more extreme”, “Might be about to stay the same”, “Might not be happening at all”. MIght is pretty much equivalent to “possible” and anything is possible, including aliens, time travel and an honest climate scientist. Probable is the measure of science, along with the math and data shared to back it up. There’s no probability stated, no data link so others can check the math, little information on where the data came from. This is not science–it’s scaremongering. Want more people to believe and understand AGW—get the data, math and let it be checked out by whomever wants to. Otherwise, expect people to igore “might”–it’s what they learned in science class.

  2. Alice Cheshire
    2011/12/31 at 21:01

    I don’t understand Mr. Thorm’s comment. If the earth is getting warmer and humans have nothing to do with it, how can it matter if it’s okay or not? What good would reading journals do if the earth changes all by itself? I suppose if it’s a highly predictable pattern, we could try and plan for moving away from oceans if they rise, warmer temperatures, etc. Most of what we do in life is already like that–adapting to changes. What am I going to learn reading the science journals?

  3. Marck Thorm
    2011/12/28 at 05:13

    Of course the earth has been warmer in the past, you are ignorant if you didn’t already know that. This has absolutely nothing to do with human-caused global warming theory. If you think it’s “ok that the earth is warming because it was hotter in the distant past” you know nothing about global ecology and climatology, and should probably be reading scientific journals (IE something not blatantly politically biased.)

  4. Tommo
    2011/12/16 at 20:18

    If you can’t find it, its under the rain forest picture, marked as 1 more picture.

  5. 2011/12/16 at 19:30

    Omn….. was the graphic hidden like it is today? It’s almost impossible to find.

  6. diogenes
    2011/12/16 at 00:04

    mmmm…just before tallbloke was raided…are you the nark?

    • 2011/12/16 at 00:21

      If the police shows up, you’ll have to lend me a laptop ūüėé

    • 2011/12/16 at 00:43

      3 weeks ago was a debate; CIA is getting involved in global warming… That is the new version of western KGB…

  7. 2011/12/15 at 22:24

    I was ready to say ‘Thank you, Santa’ and ‘Merry Christmas.’ Yes, the graph says one thing, but New Scientist’s opening line is: “AN ERA of ice that has gripped Earth’s poles for 35 million years could come to an end as extreme global warming really begins to bite.”

    Yes, they talk about historical processes, too. But then there is this absurd quote: “Pearson emphasises that hothouse Earth is far from inevitable. “We can prevent this happening,” he says.”

    John Christy rightly labeled such as “hubris.”

    • 2011/12/16 at 02:52

      notice that they always say: could happen, my happen; because they never say: ”will happen” is because they need back-door exit… 90% potability is another one for same reason; the other 10% are more important for them; the 90% is for the Urban Sheep..

      Grandpa COULD grow those things… but if he does, he would become a grandma, he wouldn’t be grandpa; chances are that he will stay grandpa.

  8. David Larsen
    2011/12/15 at 20:46

    Al Gore should be charged for the billions wasted and let him payback honest Americans.

  9. GDT
    2011/12/15 at 13:49

    We are addressing the wrong crowd. We will never change the minds of the believers and we should not try. Their emotions, intellectual dissonance, will always prevent them from understanding. The group we need to address is that large apathetic mass who fail to realize that AGW and all of its associated costs, think windmills, solar, CO2 capture, ‘energy costs will skyrocket’, are causing them great economic hardship.

  10. 2011/12/14 at 10:01

    To base ideal planetary temperatures on a few land based readings, especially when there is no ideal temperature is crass stupidity. That error is compounded when the surface temperature ‘ideal’ is based on a theory that violates the laws of thermodynamics. You do not need ‘greenhouse gasses’ to maintain the temperature at a figure above the black body radiation level you need and have got, adiabatic compression which works in diesel engines, works on Jupiter with a hydrogen/helium atmosphere,(not GHG’s) and can be proved to be working on Venus with the combined gas laws.

  11. 2011/12/14 at 02:17

    When a scientist says: ”he doesn’t know about the temperature overall on the whole planet”; I will have a great respect for him/her, great respect. Because the temperature on the earth is 3 dimensional / not 2 dimensional as on the moon;nobody knows what was the temp for the last year to save his life; definitely not for previous many years.

    Making charts for particular place / places, brilliant. Can be done for millions of years in the past. With tilting of the planet / movement of tectonic plates – many places were warmer, others colder. But simultaneously warmer the WHOLE PLANET, or colder the whole planet; at least for the last 14 million years… that chart tells bout the chart maker, not about the temperature on the whole planet.

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