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Supermodels Against Climate Change

Incomparable to previous anti-global-warming videos, of course

I say, hurray for 350.org and let’s stay unconvinced so they’ll get to work to produce more of these videos.

  1. 2011/12/26 at 08:07

    Very well thought out arguments presented in an entertaining fashion. Al Gore could learn a bit from them.

  2. Andy
    2011/09/22 at 23:00

    Maybe they could do a co-branding with PETA?

  3. 2011/09/09 at 18:46

    Damn! They took long enough!

  4. 2011/09/08 at 12:49

    Models are renowned for their extraordinary intelligence, they must be right. *quickly puts methane filter on ass*

  5. Steve Case
    2011/09/08 at 12:00

    Looked like a celebration of warmer weather to me.

  6. Ben S
    2011/09/08 at 07:33

    Mmmm…you denialists haven’t seen a woman in months now, have you, living in that cabin the woods. You shouldn’t be exposed to such things.

    How’d the hurricane, wildfires, monsoon (Gulf of Mexico) treat you? There’s more where that came from.

  7. Luke Warm
    2011/09/08 at 07:26

    Can the super models sue the ad makers if they find out they were tricked into getting their kit off?

  8. Gordon Cheyne
    2011/09/08 at 06:09

    Skinny runts.
    Put your clothes back on.

    • 2011/09/08 at 06:17

      They can’t eat…it’s against Bill McKibben’s policy!!!

  9. Chris Boughton
    2011/09/08 at 01:06

    This is the most nonsensical ad ever, it’s arse backwards! If we reduce CO2 ppm then the models will have to put on more clothes because there won’t be any electricity to heat them. I knew warmistas were stupid but really!?

    • 2011/09/08 at 01:44

      Chris – please!! Leave them blissfully unaware…

  1. 2011/09/08 at 07:57

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