The IPCC Is Dead

This is it, guys and gals. The IPCC is dead.

Either that, or following Piero Manzoni’s example the bowel movements of scientists should be labelled “scientific stool”. That’s the end result of going the authoritative way, believing anything coming out of a scientist is necessarily scientific.

Now, of course the death of the IPCC way means nothing regarding the reality of AGW, or of CAGW. We’ve wasted “only” 23 years, and countless more in the future whilst people keep trying to ride the dead IPCC horse.

  1. stu
    2011/07/27 at 16:57

    Were you the kind of kid that just liked to be pedantic? It’s coming, man or God made but I guess you’re a holocaust denier too. You are a part of the problem, not the solution, I recognise the value of independence but a lot of what you’ve self promoted is in no way scientific, If you want to wind something up go play with a wasps nest.

    • 2011/07/28 at 08:23

      wow stu…are you an organic farmer?

    • 2011/07/29 at 21:13

      You are a part of the problem, not the solution

      I’ve always wanted to be part of something.

  2. Mike Bromley
    2011/07/19 at 13:34

    And that’s the worst crime of all in this boondoggle: the waste of time and resources to flog an ideology doomed to failure.

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