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Policy Lass (And The Climate Bullies) Didn’t Get It

I knew I was asking for a miracle even bigger than catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, still for a few short hours my optimist side took over and kept waiting for any signal that Policy Lass would “get it”.

“It” being the rather obvious fact that by antagonizing anybody that doesn’t adhere to their particular aspect of climate faith, by focusing on exclusivity nobody will ever be able to see approved and then implemented any policy, climate or otherwise. That applies to democracy, but also to pretty much all dictatorships apart from Burma and North Korea perhaps.

Now, considering also the fact that 19 years of international climate efforts have been even less effective than 40 years of international illegal drugs efforts, one starts to wonder

does Susan/Policy Lass/Shewonk actually care about the environment, climate change and the planet, to the point of being willing to participate to the building of effective, practical, realistic, implementable environment and climate change policies…or is she just interested to participate to a good fight?

The end result of my probing? Susan “Shewonk” didn’t get it, actually launched into a tirade of extreme pessimism regarding policy of any kind. That still doesn’t explain what she would find worthwhile in berating people that don’t totally agree with her. Also somebody (Friedman?) said pessimists are right, but it’s the optimists that can change the world. So Susan can’t change the world, and doesn’t even want to.

Another commenter “sharper00″ went a step further, and appeared to justify the aforementioned berating by the desire to tell people when their attitudes and decisions are not based on science, where “science” is whatever “sharper00″ means it is. It’s the famous strip, why don’t you come to sleep, wait, somebody’s wrong on the internet. This doesn’t strike as a particularly effective way of saving the planet either.

In a few short hours things degenerated, as usual, with the all-too-predictable actions of a pair of bullies, the aforementioned sharper00 and the notorious Dhogaza, transformed in the Climate Torquemadas, spending their Saturday by reading my contributions to Steven Goddard’s blog in the insane attempt of finding a mistake for me to admit. I’m feeling honored already.

What they found, was instead a collection of sarcastic remarks. Alas, they didn’t get that either. How many people really equate sarcasm to “joke”, I wonder. Apart from climate believers that is.

Anyway…what I find ridiculous in the extreme, beyond sarcasm even, is that those that scour the web in search of a “denier” to bully, are the same people that claim the world is going to experience a series of disasters unless something’s done pretty quickly.

It makes absolutely no sense.

Reposting anyhere my complete blog presence since January 2003 will do nothing, nothing, nothing at all wrt preventing the AGW disasters they fill their mouths and keyboard with. So why would anybody do that?

Why do they do that?

There has to be somebody out there capable of explaining themselves.

  1. diogenes
    2011/09/05 at 16:23

    I think that both you and Omnologos went above and beyond the call of duty in trying to get them to even realise that they have an attitude problem. Sometimes I have been drawn to wade in but I can never remain as civil as you guys.

  2. 2011/06/19 at 19:11

    I cannot understand Policy Wonk/Lass’s vehemence.

    Even when Greenpeace is writing scenarios for the IPCC, she is wonking the same way as before.

    • 2011/06/19 at 20:11

      It’s hard to escape from self-referentialism.

  3. J.P.
    2011/06/19 at 16:24

    Maurizio, it seems to me the whole spectrum of lefty behavior has increased in frenzy over the past few years. More openly nasty personal behavior among the elites, more open street-level confrontation from the foot soldiers, and more open misconduct in the academy; these don’t have isolated causes. The root cause, of course, is the century-long and ongoing economic and status grab by the non-productive. The proximate cause of the current intensity is the snowballing failure of a superset of what W.R. Mead likes to call the “blue-state model”. It’s obvious to all by now, but never talked about – it must be kept at bay, and so it continues to give them fear. Unresolved fear is not a stable mental state, it progresses rapidly to hate.

    I’m inclined to view the current situation as the flailing violence of a dying criminal enterprise (as in Lessing’s Shikasta), but then I’m a real optimist.

  4. TinyCO2
    2011/06/18 at 22:04

    They’re very black and white people. For them CAGW and its solutions are either right or wrong and there’s no middle ground. If you disagree with any part you attack the whole. It’s their polarised behaviour that makes them so ineffective in the long run. Initially their confidence must sway a few people but like the trick questions on a psychometric test their cast iron opinions eventually ring BS alarms.

    The truly worrying thing is that the Greenpeace report got anywhere. It suggests that the IPCC is full of these people, as they seem unable to resist the ludicrous so long as it stays on message. In fact it’s mystifying that they can’t see that any association with Greenpeace is counter productive, but by all accounts the rest of the report is much the same unrealistic tosh.

    Unfortunately for believers, the people who normally get jobs done are mostly in the sceptic camp. The voices of reason who might say something like ‘that No Pressure video is mad, don’t use it’ are missing from their ranks. They really aren’t going to win their war, just fritter a lot of money away and turn people right off environmentalism.

    Gawd help us if they’re right.

    • DirkH
      2011/06/24 at 18:53

      “Gawd help us if they’re right.”

      Highly unlikely.

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