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Spectacular Failure At The Guardian

Leo Hickman bemoans an invite by a “right-wing libertarian” climate skeptic organization just as Iranian President, known anti-Semite Ahmadinejad joins Greenpeace, Osama bin Laden (and Leo Hickman) among the ranks of AGW Faithful.

  1. 2011/06/15 at 00:36

    .As global warming science was progressively tribalized over the past decade, why is anyone surprised to see a parallel polarization reflected by political partisan affiliations?

    Likewise Hickman’s snark of “guilt by association” – scientists associating with Islamophobic and “intelligent Design” advocates – reflects stereotypical Left ignorance, denial and projection, all at the same time. (drsanity – just google – a retired Prof of clinical psychiatry at the University of Michigan Medical School – insightfully describes and diagnoses what and why psychotic tropes grip the mind of the Left, while neurotic ones prevails among the Right – at least in America)

    While I don’t know about this outfit “American Freedom Foundation,” I do know the writings of Robert Spencer; I own his books. For instance, Hickman looks askance of Spencer’s “”Barack Obama is a Muslim” meme, thus demonstrating Hickman’s ignorance about Islam.

    While in the West, religion is largely a matter of conscience and private profession, among Muslim’s, lineage follows the paternal lines: if your father was a Muslim, you are. Since Obama’s father was, he is. Moreover, his step-father in Indonesia registered young “Barry Sotero” (sp?) for education as a Muslim. Worse, once Muslim, you cannot leave, according to Sharia law; but if you do (as Obama claims to have done-but knowledgeable Americans debate), you also deserve death.

    Now what about this isn’t tyrannical and oppressive from the Western point of view? Hickman acts as if these were trivial if not outrageous points of view. They are not.

    More importantly, the topic of the gathering “Big Footprint: Is Green the New Tyranny” is undoubtably correct.

    I just posted a introduction to this theme at Bishop Hill last week (or so)

    And I link to a very lengthy but valuable historical essay on the fascist history of environmentalism

    “[Oxford historian Anna Bramwell’s trilogy] is an authoritatively accepted history of European environmentalism. The history of the environmentalist social movement and the history of fascism are the same. Environmentalism is neo-fascism.

    “The social movement’s primary mission remains the creation of land-owner’s states-within-states across Europe. The mission is to form parallel governments in Europe dedicated to usurping ever more power from nation states. The movement seeks to increase: land prices, rents, food prices, and tax-based subsidies to landowners. This is a process of enserfment.”

    And at this, it has largely succeeded. Shall we impose it globally to “save the planet” too?

    Fortunately, to the extent that we dwell upon the science of AGW, we ignore disturbing details like fascist character of environmentalism.

    But as the IPCC winds up its next exercise in politicized propaganda for the UN, it is becoming tougher to ignore – and more urgent to address – if only to educate the clearly ignorant like Hickman himself – or even Southern Californian’s at this conference at UCLA

  2. John Marshall
    2011/06/13 at 09:49

    If Ahmadinejad has joined Greenpeace they must be desperate.

  3. 2011/06/13 at 01:42

    thanks JM I didn’t know the Guardian had joined the WaPo in the most pointless press campaign in history.

    Keep in mind that’s the way Sllvio has been treated by the superclever Italian liberal elites so don’t be surprised if Sarah gets 8 years in the White House on the back of the unwitting support provided by such superidiotic enermy army.

    • 2011/06/13 at 06:30

      It has been a rather textbook illustration of how minority, if influential media have seen fit to go beyond reporting into attempted influence, and been found wanting, Again.

      And, perversely if ironically, managed to pretty much spin the reverse of their avowed intentions.

      Now that would be funny if, as with the BBC over AV, they owned up to their clear lack of impartiality and changed, said ‘oops’ on how badly such things have backfired… and stopped blaming everyone but themselves for their cack-handed efforts turning out to be egg on their faces. Especially with dark mutterings about how the ‘system’ needs changing if people can’t be trusted to ‘see’ their ‘vision’.

      What was/is notable on this is the sheer % of Guardian regulars a) agreeing this went beyond the pale and b) acknowledging that modding out stuff that doesn’t meet the Graun’s world view is pretty creepy.

      Thanks to the media both side of the pond, I actually know little of substance or even accuracy about Ms. Palin any more than I do President Obama. However on track record and gaffes, etc, the latter seems equally questionable but somehow is getting a much easier ride. Neither conform to my hope for an intelligent, strong, competent leader of the free world and unifying global statesperson.

      Democracy is fragile and flawed enough, without policy being controlled in fact by those I have no control over bar subscription or ad eyeballs. Or, in one case at all, whilst being compelled to pay for a set of views i often find unrepresentative.

      The analogies in matters of climate-related reporting and government response (and vice versa) are not lost on me. And with trillions at the whim of ideology and X-Factor mindsets over sensible science and engineering principles, that is a concern.

  4. 2011/06/12 at 16:27

    Speaking of being motivated by rigid ideology rather than reasoned objections, when I saw that headline I thought it may be joining in the reviews of their latest foray into US Politics after the spectacular previous own goal of Operation Clark County.

    Maybe avoiding the ‘taint’ of other viewpoints to preserve the purity of the hive dogma may not be the only reason fro anyone to steer clear of the US?

  1. 2011/06/21 at 22:37

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