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Climate “Extremes” In 410AD

Curiously, St Augustine of Hippo‘s Sermon 25 “Sermon on the verse of Psalm 94: Blessed the one whom You instruct, Lord, and whom You teach from Your law” is available online in Latin and Italian, but only inside a Google Book in English (p. 82).

Anyway, just in case anybody was wondering if anything were new under the sun (p. 83):

Practically every year when we feel the cold we say ‘It’s never been so cold!”. ‘It’s never been so hot!’

  1. Mike M.
    2011/01/05 at 20:19

    Yeah, but St.Augustine was a creationist, so nyah, nyah!

    • 2011/01/05 at 21:03

      had Augustine known of Darwin 1500 years beforehand, that would have been a certified miracle

    • 2011/01/06 at 14:56

      What is a creationist? Anyone who believes that God created the universe – so any theist? Augustine didn’t believe the world was created in six literal days, so if that’s the sort of creationist you mean, then that epithet doesn’t apply to him.

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