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Two Words Summing Up The Cancún Agreement

Mostly harmless.

ps if a chihuahua roars, does anybody care?

  1. 2010/12/13 at 09:04

    Harmless is, in many ways, a comforting notion.

    It implies nothing worse.

    But as your postscript link does show, there is is the insidious aspect to all this, whereby the ‘drip-drip’ of vapid reporting of trite sound bites at senior government and even international levels allows an awful lot to happen without much in the way of insightful challenge. What does the public ‘know’ about what just transpired?

    Mr. Black’s blog epitomises this. One of the few outlets for discussion (albeit ruthlessly patrolled) of one of the few (and all barely qualified) reporters/editors/analysts deployed by a multi-billion news entity, he continually broadcasts little more than re-typed press releases.

    These then get chewed over relentlessly by about a dozen die-hard obsessive tribal contrarians desperate to ensure it remains only a slugging match between ‘A’ and ‘GW’. On behalf of and ignored by 60 million earning a crust and worrying more about getting the LCD to watch X factor’s Xmas special.

    And what gets lost, again and again, is the in-depth investigation into what all this means in tangible terms, from the science of the proposed mitigation/preventions (and assessment/confirmations of same… tricky without controls)… and the vast sums being proposed and taken from one ‘place’ to another to achieve this.

    All of which seems remarkably easy to skirt over to the legions of those happy enough to be part of a lucrative and entertaining career process, without being too troubled with tacky stuff like cost, or enviROI-effective results.

  2. 2010/12/12 at 21:26

    I agree – and it looks as though Durban 2011 will now be the final showdown that determines the fate of Kyoto 2. Hopefully next year there will be more distance developing between Russia, Japan and Canada et al at one end of the table and Bolivia, Venezuela and Cuba at the other, that will make a legally binding treaty impossible and kill the thing finally.

    COP16 wasn’t quite harmless, as we in the UK will still have regressive taxes and higher bills forced on us to pay for the government’s “green fund”, but those lovely people in charge would be doing this to us anyway, with or without an agreement at Cancun.

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