BBC – Beyond Parody

They looked everywhere around the world to find a counterpoint to the severe cold gripping the UK, and lo and behold, they found…Chicago!

No mention of Vancouver, of course. Or of the fact that they are making the strongest case for totally decoupling weather from climate, thereby making climate change as pointless as ever.

If these are the standards followed everywhere else at the BBC, there’s lot of “news” that ought to be reconsidered as petty propaganda pieces.


  1. Malcolm Shykles
    2010/11/29 at 08:29

    We are at the start of a period of Global Cooling – and unpredictable weather is it’s introduction.

    The Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia has spent all this time chasing a red herring and thus in the UK we are totally unprepared.

    “Nowadays, a few years before the beginning of the upcoming global cooling, we are going through an unstable phase when the temperature will oscillate around the reached maximum without any substantial increase. In 2008 the global temperature on our planet not only did not rise but even fell down due to the decreasing (and record low over 30 years of observations from space) solar luminosity. The stabilization of the global Earth temperature in 1998–2005 and its downward tendency in 2006–2008 is an irrefutable evidence of the fact that our Sun is no longer able to warm the Earth the same way as in the past and that an anthropogenic global warming is a big myth. 1998–2005, being the warmest years for 150 years of weather observations, will stay on the peak of 2-century warming. By the middle of the ongoing century, the new (19th for the last 7500 years) little ice age similar to the Maunder one, will come. The global temperature will fall even without limitation of greenhouse gases emission by industrialized states. That is why the Kyoto treaty is useless so far and should be put off till at least 150 years later. However, climate changes on the planet will spread unevenly depending on the latitude. The fall of temperature will least affect the equatorial region of the Earth and will mostly influence the temperate climate regions. In whole, climate changes are not under the control of humans.”

  2. 2010/11/29 at 01:05

    We have a similar situation here in the States with Big Brother Jim Lehrer’s NewsHour.

    I gave up watching it last year before climategate when, in the run up to Copenhagen, there “reporter” in her interview with de Boer, stated flatly that “this huge team of scientists from all over the globe issued these unanimous warnings about the really extreme danger to the planet.”
    [Of course, they did no reporting on climategate. I kept asking my parents who watch it every night whether they heard about it.]

    I will miss some of their Christmas concerts, but the propaganda will not be missed.

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