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Of Lords And Sirs, And Climategate Enquiries

I’d bet both of my hands on the results of Sir Muir Russell’s enquiry on Climategate already being common knowledge among British hacks (otherwise some strange noises wouldn’t be easy to explain).

Hence a certain feeling that something rather big will be mentioned during the July 7, 1pm press conference. How big? Certainly not big enough to shatter the Scientific Establishment, in this country or anywhere else.

Why, Lord Widgery didn’t mind to go down in history associated with a now-discredited April 1972 “Report” on “Bloody Sunday”, less than 3 months after 14 people died. It took 26 years for Tony Blair to criticize “the rushed process in which Widgery failed to take evidence from those wounded and did not personally read eye-witness accounts“, and then 12 more years for the Saville Report to supersede the old one. That’s 38 years vs. 3 months.

Therefore, why should there be any surprise in Lord Oxburgh’s undermining the credibility of his own rushed-up work on Climategate, given also the fact nobody has been killed about it?

We can all dream on about Sir Muir then (and more realistically, await for some more serious UK official analysis around the year 2048…)

  1. 2010/07/07 at 12:02

    The only difference, is that bloody sunday only happened once. The climate will continue not heating up and delivering cold winters until no one but the saddest eco-delusionists would dare to suggest the CRU had been right. Afterall each and every year it snows, their failure to predict the climate will be obvious when we remind everyone that the CRU said: soon “children just won’t know what snow is”.

    • 2010/07/07 at 12:04

      Mike – in case you haven’t noticed – AGW is perfectly compatible with lack of warming, and cold winters…

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  2. 2010/07/07 at 14:52
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