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Top 17 Signs Your Belief In Catastrophical AGW Is Going The Way Of The Dodos

Fellow AGWer! Are you worried you’re losing the climate debate? Worry no more. It’s a certainty in 17 easy-to-spot signs!!

  1. Main conversational topic among fellow believers are revolving around complaining the rest of the worls is made up of “deniers”
  2. Highlight of the month: a conference about climate change and the arts, closed by a truly inspiring dance act
  3. You’ve given credibility to fatuous claims about ill-behaving humans inducing global warming and ultimately causing bad things such as earthquakes, volcanoes
  4. Worse: an Iranian cleric has made moral remarks perfectly equivalent to yours: about ill-behaving humans (well, women…) ultimately causing bad things such as earthquakes
  5. Having waited for major legislation to materialize, you have seen it evaporating at the very last minute
  6. Worse: you’ve been spending time shoring support for major legislation that you agree would be wholly ineffectual even if it passed as dreamed
  7. Worst: the only reason to support such ineffectual bill proposal has been the remote chance it might show “leadership” (showing the world how to pass ineffectual legislation, one suspects)
  8. Worse than worst: well after the very last minute, you have openly withdrawn your support, thereby making sure nothing will ever happen
  9. You have celebrated the results of an “independent” committee setup by the British Government, even if the final report couldn’t help criticizing the IPCC in order to “pass the blame” to somebody
  10. Suddenly, the political and intellectual German classes has started to look the other way
  11. The BBC Science and Environment page is ever more struggling to find any news to report, about “global warming” and “climate change”, as all the potential physical manifestations have been quickly dismissed as “it’s weather not climate”
  12. Your preferred blogs have been chugging along tediously of late,  with naive, self-debasing and embarrassing remarks on the psychology of people that disagree with AGW catastrophism
  13. Miraculously, scientific papers have surfaced claiming the latest data support catastrophical global warming, despite the same latest data going the opposite way of previous data the same people claimed as supporting catastrophical AGW
  14. Worse: you have not noticed those are exactly the kind of claims that erode the public’s respect in AGW proponents, especially of the catastrophical variety
  15. The best answer you have had for months for your critics still concerns the well-being of people that haven’t even been born yet, and will do so in a future world we know about as much as Napoleon would have known of World War I and the trenches
  16. A great deal of people supporting your side have forever kept turning up dressed funny in front of cameras for the n-th repetition of ridiculous stunts that interest nobody any longer
  17. For months, nothing has appeared to make you happy and your blog and comments have been full only of depictions of future catastrophes. Yet when a volcano has threatened the lives and livestock of Iceland, and has stranded hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, you couldn’t contain yourself and started radiating your newly-found happiness, oblivious of the apparent nastiness and anti-human stance of yours it has shown to all

Cue ever-dwindling public and political support for your reality-challenged belief…

  1. Tory Cameron
    2010/06/06 at 15:35

    How does this kind of immature ad hominem further the cause of climate skeptics? We should be talkin’ science not callin’ names.

    • 2010/06/06 at 23:11

      “Tory Cameron”

      > How does this kind of immature ad hominem

      Would you mind please to use the same definition of “ad-hominem” as the rest of the human race? Thanks!

  2. the turtle
    2010/05/18 at 22:07

    i didnt even know what AGW was! nice post!

  3. 2010/05/03 at 21:01

    Great list – I like 2. “Highlight of the month: a conference about climate change and the arts, closed by a truly inspiring dance act”. Climate change has inspired quite a few unintentionally hilarious or just plain strange art projects, like this one:


    Mind you, the fact that we taxpayers foot much of the bill for this sort of stuff does make it somewhat less funny…

  4. michael mazur
    2010/05/02 at 04:45

    Your #17 is also utterly predictable of the greenies, lefties, liberals from whom the warmistas spring; the common thread tying them all together is agenda foremost, with truth necessarily perverted or suppressed.

    What agenda moves them ? Planetary depopulation, as in this way the private international bankers and their enforcers of that NWO plan, the State of Israel, will inherit a beautiful planet without us, the `useless eaters`, being in their faces anyway they turn.

    Will there be a role for the aforementioned greenies, lefties, liberals and warmistas in the post depopulation phase ?

    Yes, after themselves first having exterminated billions of people they will be in for a surprise . . . for they now will also be seen as `useless eaters`.

  5. papertiger
    2010/05/01 at 04:08

    And the 19th sign your belief in catastrophic AGW is going the way of the dodos is California’s drive to suspend AB 32 clears the last hurdle.

    “Voters have a right to have a say in whether the the state is going to risk a million jobs, or more, and to spend billions of dollars on programs that will not have any impact on global warming,” Mangels said.

    “We’re headed to the ballot,”
    Drive to suspend AB 32 will submit voter signatures Monday.

  6. AntiLieGuy
    2010/04/30 at 14:16

    The climate scandal is all about Planet X. Thats what the chemtrails sprayed every day globally are hiding. News here: http://www.docstoc.com/docs/6519605/WarNews and http://www.xfacts.com

  7. tommy
    2010/04/30 at 14:11

    What does the A in AGW stand for ? ( i figured out the GW part)

    • 2010/04/30 at 15:40

      “A” stands for “Anthropogenic”, i.e. man-made

  8. Mike M.
    2010/04/30 at 12:26

    Your best post. Evah.

  9. 2010/04/30 at 06:15

    It’s a little chilly this year, hey?

    • 2010/04/30 at 06:16

      Just keep this in mind, Tom: cold temperatures happen locally, warm temperatures happen globally. By definition…

  10. rogerthesurf
    2010/04/28 at 22:24

    I would like to add a No. 18 to that.

    Although I have spent the last few months asking searching questions on global warming supporting sites, not one can give me a proper logical answer.
    In fact most simply spammed me.

    However I got round this to some extent by creating my blog http://www.globalwarmingsupporter.wordpress.com where I was careful to record my comment and where it was placed etc., before it was lost in the spam machine.

    So far it has been successful in that most sites will give some sort of answer. I guess they feel that any answer is better than none if the public know that they are ignoring valid questions.

    So getting back to no.18 – No Global Warming Supporter can give sufficient proof that the “Anthropogenic CO2 causes Global Warming” hypothesis is sufficiently proven to the point that justifies the terrible bill that the IPCC and their emission reduction requirements are trying to impose on us.



    ps Oh and the reason for No.18 is the fact that there is no practical way to ever provide empirical proof anyway and factors that actually disprove the hypothesis are plenty.

  1. 2010/04/29 at 01:47

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