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English-World Exclusive: Little Wonder Some Glaciers Are Melting…

(mysteriously, this piece of very interesting news has so far only appeared in Italian)

(ANSA) – AOSTA, April 9 – City-like pollution levels on the Everest and the entire Himalayan range. That’s the conclusion of project Share – Stations at High Altitude for Research on the Environment – sponsored by the EvK2Cnr Committee and highlighted in studies published by researchers at ISAC-CNR in Bologna, Italy and Lgge-CNRS in  Grenoble, France.

All observations were taken at the Nepal Climate Observatory, a.k.a. the Italian National Research Council (CND) “Pyramid”, at an altitude of 5,079 meters on the south side of the Everest. The samples were collected in the  pre-monsoon season, when pollutants from the Asian Brown Cloud are more easily transported to the high peaks of the Himalayas. According to Angela Marinoni, ISAC researcher, pollutant levels observed in early April are already beyond the already high levels reached in previous years”.

“Black carbon is close to 6 micrograms per cubic meter”, continued Marinoni, “and PM1 (the amount of fine dust)  largely exceeded 100 micrograms per cubic meter, a value never recorded at the observatory”.

These concentrations are so high, they exceed the EU-sanctioned alarm thresholds for air quality in cities. Moreover, according to Paolo Cristofanelli, head of Share’s atmospheric activities, ”these worrying particulate concentrations are accompanied by high levels of ozone, a highly-oxidizing greenhouse gas that is formed in atmosphere in the presence of primary pollutants and solar radiation” .

Original 09/04/2010 13:45 ANSA

  1. 2010/04/16 at 22:39

    So, you’re saying that the glaciers really are melting faster than they should, and air pollution is to blame, right?

    One more score for the IPCC.

    • 2010/04/16 at 22:53

      Not sure anybody would remember the IPCC as taking a strong stance on stopping the emission of black carbon, but I’ll leave you to dig out the hard evidence for that (did Pachauri ever say a word about it? I hope so).

      As for my take on the topic, there’s a blog post from April 2008 if you are interested.

      Where is the international effort, where are the international conferences, when are we going to get an agreement to phase out all black carbon emissions?

    • 2010/04/17 at 22:15

      No, but plenty of people will remember denialists claiming IPCC “wrong,” “frauds,” “criminals” and worse for noting that the glaciers were melting.

      It’s nice to see you back off of such claims, even if you do it unintentionally.

      The glaciers are melting, you agree. IPCC was not wrong to note it, you agree, if you are fair and sane.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle
    2010/04/14 at 11:22

    Berkeley Lab reported this in Feb, although it seems to be a different study. 90% of change of snow and ice cover was found to be due to aerosol fallout. Furthermore 30% was black carbon coming from biofuels, which is the irony causing me to remember it. Another fine example of Sod’s Law of unintended consequences.


  1. 2010/06/24 at 10:35

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