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Why I Will Not Turn The Lights Off For Earth Hour

I will not turn the lights off for “Earth Hour“.


Because I don’t want this to happen. And even if it will happen, still I will be the last one standing with a house full of lighting.

Earth Hour? No, thanks

"Earth Hour"? No, thanks

UPDATE: Meanwhile, in North Korea

  1. 2010/03/29 at 16:01

    Oh, thank God that I am in a country where 95% of the people don’t even have a clue that something like the Earth Hour exists. Even those who do know don’t give a damn and they surely find it surprising that I am interested in – and spending hours a day with – insane fringe groups somewhere in the other countries – groups that would love to take over the society in the same ultimate way as several other movements did in the 20th century.

    Cheers, LM

    • Frank Lee
      2010/03/31 at 14:48

      May I please move to Czechia?

  2. Jukka K.
    2010/03/29 at 11:25

    There is a word for this sort of behaviour as presented in these comments. Finnish word “puutemalli” roughtly translates to model for lack of information and is quite clearly apparent here.
    Taking the PR stunts and lobbyists’ word and not checking it out like this, is stunning. I believe it is called “hook, line and sink”.

    Looking at this is surreal and utterly depressing.
    We, as a race, are truly fucked.

  3. milo Oblong
    2010/03/29 at 08:58

    When the hell was what?

  4. Mark C
    2010/03/29 at 07:18

    In anticipation of Earth Hour I wrote a lengthy letter to the editor of Cape Towns largest Saturday circular, highlighting the disarray within the climate-change crusaders camp. It was the feature letter! Then, as a Christian, we celebrated Light of the World Hour which just happens to coincide with Earth Hour. We lit our place up like a roman candle and built a a small bon fire to boot.

    • Colin C
      2010/03/29 at 10:49

      Read your letter and was impressed, it is very seldom that they publish anything that does not further the propoganda of the alarmists.

      Well done!

      • 2010/03/29 at 11:06

        Is there a URL for that letter?

  5. memesworth
    2010/03/29 at 00:40

    I flew the American flag illuminated by a spotlight (all night). No darkside for me.

  6. derek
    2010/03/28 at 20:11

    First they want you to turn your lights off and the next thing you know you’re eating tufo and not using deodorant.

  7. derek
    2010/03/28 at 20:09

    “Wow – intelligent display of wordsmithing prowess there, earthlover”\


  8. Otter
    2010/03/28 at 08:53

    PkiddieD~ symbology was ALL it was. Not ONE single generating station stopped running during that hour. CO2 continued to be pumped into the atmosphere.

    And the plants LOVE it.

  9. Dave McK
    2010/03/28 at 01:22

    It’s not as good as flying a Lear jet to Copenhagen and riding around in limousines, but we aren’t all equal.

  10. Dave McK
    2010/03/28 at 01:20

    Bravo for the independence!
    Baking all day is a way to keep the oven on, too. That has all kinds of pleasant consequences.

  11. kcom
    2010/03/27 at 22:26

    I prefer to celebrate Enlightenment Hour. It honors the heroes of the Enlightenment who turned on the lights of society, metaphorically speaking, and ushered us into the modern age. Science as we know it is a by-product of that.

    So I say celebrate the light, not the darkness. Take a stand, turn on your lights, illuminate the world, and celebrate human achievement. Defend the modern age and all its wonders, material and psychological, and tell the world you’re not going back into the darkness. Tell them you’ve been carried into the light on the shoulders of giants and you plan to stay there.

  12. realist
    2010/03/27 at 18:21

    Pathetic. How much longer will the climate change fraud continue?
    Take a look at one of the “world by night” pictures. Large parts of the globe are in DARKNESS. What lights are they going to turn off?

  13. 2010/03/27 at 16:34

    I will be turning ALL the lights on in my house at 8:30pm tonight.

    • Corn
      2010/03/29 at 03:22

      I like your style, I went one further, I went to my neighbor’s house and made all his security floodlights go on for 15 mniutes.

  14. EarthLover
    2010/03/27 at 16:00

    You are an idiot!!

    • 2010/03/27 at 16:32

      EarthLover – thank you for restating my point.

    • Otter
      2010/03/27 at 20:12

      Can I have the keys to your house?

    • Mike J
      2010/03/27 at 22:57

      Wow – intelligent display of wordsmithing prowess there, earthlover.

      • 2010/03/27 at 23:44

        Mike – I am sure earthlover could be much more articulate than shown here….only thing, when one is bound to the promise of emitting as little as possible, every character becomes an Enemy of the Planet 😎

  15. 2010/03/27 at 15:52

    The company who manage the business park where I work have been promoting Earth Hour for the last few years. Last year I e-mailed them to explain why I don’t endorse Earth Hour and that without the benefit of cheap electric power we would all basically go out of business. The spokeswoman who replied said she wondered why I was against saving electricity for one hour and thus saving money, therefore missing the point entirely, I thought.

    The Earth Hour memo has come around again this year, but I’ve just ignored it this time. Ironically, among my colleagues, I seem to be the only person aware of Earth Hour (a good reason for me to shut up about it, maybe!)

    There’s an excellent short article by Ross McKitrick called Earth Hour: No Thanks, in PDF form – Donna Laframboise links to it on her blog:


  16. 2010/03/27 at 15:49

    Tonight is ‘Earth Hour’ a propaganda ploy organized by the WWF, World Wildlife Fund, to promote the global warming hysteria.

    2. When is the next Earth Hour?

    Earth Hour will take place on Saturday, March 27th at 8:30 p.m. local time. [for one hour]

    3. What is in store for Earth Hour 2010?

    On Saturday, March 27th 2010 at 8:30 p.m. hundreds of millions of people around the world will turn off their lights for one hour, symbolically calling for action on climate change. In the United States, WWF is looking for continued support from the hundreds of local governments, communities and business, as well as the tens of millions of Americans who voted with their light switch during Earth Hour 09.

    So give ’em your vote. TURN ON your lights at 8:30!
    Let YOUR light SHINE at 8:30

    Pass the word…

    • Mike J
      2010/03/27 at 23:02

      In New Zealand Earthhour apparently saved a whopping 1.5% electricity for the hour. Which was down from 2.5% last year. Not so much interest in supporting the WWF “symbolically calling for action on climate change”.

      • PKD
        2010/03/28 at 01:44

        Not so much interest in supporting the WWF “symbolically calling for action on climate change”.

        Yes, try not to confuse symbolically calling for climate change with trying to shut down almost all electricity consumption…like the author here has brilliantly done with his ‘clever’ comparison of Earth Hour with North Korea…*sigh*

      • 2010/03/28 at 07:45

        PKD – symbolically speaking, there’s the Forces of Darkness on the one side (albeit for a single hour), and the rest of the world on the other. Literally 😎

  1. 2011/03/25 at 19:26

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