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AGW Not Blamed For Record-Breaking Weather Event

No dust devil has been seen this far from the equator at such an early season before. Is the planet warming up? Why doesn’t anybody blame humans?

After all, there’s been a number of artificial vehicles polluting the place for several years now.

  1. Tony Hansen
    2010/03/23 at 23:26

    When he wrote ‘early spring’ I started wondering about just where it was, that he thought is was spring. Is he suggesting that it is springtime on Mars (or just where he lives)?
    Projecting Earth seasons onto other planets etc seems rather a stretch. Does Mars have four seasons? Do its hemispheres behave oppositely as on Earth? Summer on Pluto?
    ’tis amazing how much I don’t know. 😦

    • 2010/03/23 at 23:33

      Yes there are four seasons on Mars too, only they last twice as long. I guess there are further complications due to the eccentricity of the orbit though

  2. Tony Hansen
    2010/03/19 at 22:48

    ‘..This image was taken in early spring (2010)…- Nathan Bridges.
    How much do we know about springtime on Mars?

    • 2010/03/20 at 22:57

      Very little, I suspect. What kind of information are you after?

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