‘Brain Farts’ And Other Tweets

(another collection of links from Twitter – this time not from my @omnologos account)

(this is for my reference as well as I have not read yet many of these links)

@BadAstronomer Global climate change is due to all the brain farts from Utah and South Dakota politicians. http://is.gd/8RRvl

@carolynporco Still need to curb greenhouse gas emissions…no matter which prediction u believe http://nyti.ms/aSyGEw

@TheGreenDemon Climate Change Debate Over? It’s Just Begun!: The same could be said of Al Gore and Global Warming — oops, excuse… http://bit.ly/99guQM

@wattsupwiththat Pachauri’s TERI institute golf course – water hog in a city desparate for fresh water: http://wp.me/p7y4l-4jC

@TimesScience Himalayan glacier error ‘was wake-up call’ to IPCC http://bit.ly/akDg20

@TheGreenDemon Brutally Honest: Global warming believers need an intervention: Seraphic Secret provides the substantiation: Sever… http://bit.ly/dmWxeR

@wattsupwiththat Setting the Record Straight on the IPCC WG II Fourth Assessment Report: http://wp.me/p7y4l-4jp

@TheGreenDemon Writer decries climate change skepticism: After all, the real name of the IPCC is the “Intergovernmental Panel” on… http://bit.ly/agPPCx

@TheGreenDemon Barack Obama’s climate change policy in crisis: Telegraph.co.uk President Barack Obama’s climate change policy is … http://bit.ly/blTYON

@TheGreenDemon Pro-con: Do blizzards disprove global warming?: The Wichita Eagle (blog) The news of blizzards must send chills up… http://bit.ly/9Plkkb

@bbcworld Recent controversies surrounding climate research have eroded public trust in scientists, says a leading US sc.. http://bit.ly/8ZFGQt

@TheGreenDemon Is global warming the latest Y2K? | Letters to the Editor | STLtoday: The global warmers are insisting the very co… http://bit.ly/a8PTTi

@TheGreenDemon Climate-change deniers get too much help from Post story: Even the disclaimer that there is still “a scientific co… http://bit.ly/dcdsxo

@TheGreenDemon Climate change’s impact on forests being measured via expanding tree trunks: That raised questions about climate c… http://bit.ly/aARqcD

@TheGreenDemon Flurry of research on impact of dust on climate change: It has the capacity to diminish climate change but may als… http://bit.ly/bIoVwR

@wattsupwiththat JPL: Missing ice in 2007 drained out the Nares straight – pushed south by wind where it melted far away from the Arc… http://wp.me/p7y4l-4j4

@TheGreenDemon BP, ConocoPhillips show opinions vary on climate change: It should be clear now if it wasn’t before that the oil a… http://bit.ly/9DF2HT

@NASA NASA climatologist Nadine Unger discusses her study on role of different pollution sources in climate change. http://go.usa.gov/lmX

@TheGreenDemon Climate sceptics are recycled critics of controls on tobacco and acid rain: Critics of climate change science are … http://bit.ly/bTkQdF

@climatecrunch 10 Sexy Green Celebrity Websites For A Better Planet [Slideshow] http://tinyurl.com/ya4cxde

@christineottery No more climate change debate, please? http://www.skepticalscience.com/argument.php

@Revkin Evidence of coral resilience to hot H2O http://j.mp/hotCoral reminiscent of some plankton thriving in low pH: http://j.mp/pHplankton #agw

@ClimateDepot Climategate 2.0 — The NASA Files: U.S. Climate Science as Corrupt as CRU http://bit.ly/c50l0H

@wattsupwiththat Why Is Winter Snow Extent Interesting?: http://wp.me/p7y4l-4iA

@TheGreenDemon Climate change department sends staff on hundreds of domestic flights: The Government department set up to tackle … http://bit.ly/aBRJFU

@TheGreenDemon Global Warming Meltdown?: What has become abundantly clear is that climate scientist are completely out gunned by … http://bit.ly/9MMY8v

@ClimateDepot UN Climate Chief ”De Boer”s Resignation Is Catastrophic” http://bit.ly/bvvULN

@ClimateDepot Actual Headline: ‘Too Bad, Commies: Global Warming Is Done’ http://bit.ly/aQuAEN

@TheGreenDemon From Piltdown man to global warming: In a BBC interview, Professor Phil Jones conceded there has been no “statisti… http://bit.ly/chsLru

@TheGreenDemon Think again about global-warming ‘science’: 3] to “solve a complex social problem,” one assumes the truth about gl… http://bit.ly/aa5Pgc

@wattsupwiththat Caveats Regarding Dr. Phil Jones’ Phenological Arguments for Global Warming: http://wp.me/p7y4l-4iH

@wattsupwiththat Gore on the Arctic (again): http://wp.me/p7y4l-4i5

@Revkin Andy Lacis in Hansen’s GISS lab weighs in at lenght on the warmng power of CO2 and issues with IPCC: http://j.mp/LacisCO2 #ipcc #climategate

@TheGreenDemon Overpopulation and Climate Change: By ARTHUR H. WESTING PUTNEY, VERMONT — With the continuing failure of governme… http://nyti.ms/d9dHGm

@dotearth Part 2: A Scientist’s Defense of Greenhouse Warming http://nyti.ms/dwkd6V

@TheGreenDemon The Disappearing Science of Global Warming: By Peter Ferrara on 2.17.10 @ 6:09AM Establishment figures intone abou… http://bit.ly/8YWRba

@wattsupwiththat Greenland glaciers – melt due to sea current change, not air temperature: http://wp.me/p7y4l-4hP

@TheGreenDemon Climate change debate not settled, but dissenting science ignored by some: The global warming/climate change advoc… http://bit.ly/9F7SN7

@Revkin Journalism Review wonders why US media still not covering IPCC issues beyond old dispute narrative: http://j.mp/CJRipcc #media

@wattsupwiththat IPCC Gate Du Jour – now IPCC hurricane data questioned: http://wp.me/p7y4l-4ho

@DrEades Major climate change proponent makes a U-turn. http://bit.ly/c3WBL1

@TheGreenDemon Climate changes are proven fact: By Kerry Emanuel OUTSIDE SCIENTIFIC forums, contemporary discussions of the pheno… http://bit.ly/cGMgw4

  1. papertiger
    2010/02/23 at 02:07

    We had a dog that wouldn’t bark once. We took it to the pound. So what do you do with reporters like Revkin, who won’t report?

  2. papertiger
    2010/02/23 at 02:03

    Carolyne Porco – that pisses me off. She’s been directing the investigation of the outer solar system. Instead of reporting findings which show climate change on other worlds, she’s carrying water for the fraud.

    Is there any doubt that this has tainted the basic exploration of our solar system?

    Where is my IR weather chart for Jupiter Porko? I want it on my desk NOW.

    • papertiger
      2010/02/24 at 05:07

      Just so you don’t miss it, here’s Porco’s latest tweet.
      Images from the November Cassini flyby at Enceladus geisers.

      They show highly local (inner slope of the “tiger stripe”) warm features which are not hot enough to cause water vapor geiser activity.
      Here’s the press release.
      Glaring omission which I beleive results from her pinheaded water carrying for the global warming movement – no word on the salt content of the jets.
      Recall that lack of salt in the vapor is the fingerprint of a purely surface feature, rather then a submarine ocean pissing out of a crack.
      A pure surface origin is evidence of an extra enceladian forcing – a proposition the global warming crowd won’t even countinance due to its conflicting with church doctrine.

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