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Be Good At Christmas – Help Save The AGWer

(Love the WWF)

If the consensus disappears then it will be game over for the AGWer.

Act now. Adopt now. Adopt an AGWer. With your continual support we can do more to help the AGWer in its struggle for survival.


Order now

Start giving a regular donation today and you’ll receive your adoption pack within the next couple of weeks. It contains an irresistibly fluffy Al Gore doll, skeptic bag, certificate, photos and a greetings card. We’ll also send you three updates through the year, letting you know how your donations are helping. An AGW Skeptical Adoption would make a great present, so why not give the gift that makes a big difference!

Photos of AGWers

Don’t forget you can also keep track of our group of AGWers, with our special online tracker. You will find all the details of this in your adoption pack.

Last minute gift?

No problem! If you are worried the adoption pack might not arrive in time, you will be able to print or email a gift certificate to give on the day.

A continuous struggle…

Reality is causing the Global Warming consensus to melt and what remains is thinner and more treacherous. AGWers need the consensus to hunt so they are having to travel further and further to reach their prey. As the consensus melts the area is also opened up to proper debate and free discussion and scientific exploration adding independent thinking to the many threats the AGWers already face.

Adult AGWer with two members of the public (AGWers-in-the-making)

Did you know…

…AGWers shelter the public from independent thinking in the safety of their “the debate is over” dens when they go hunting for skeptics. But as the consensus melts, these dens are collapsing – leaving the public vulnerable to skepticism and exposed to extreme discussion conditions.

…experts predict that Global Warming consensus could disappear completely in summer by 2011.

AGWer adoption/gift/present pack

Adopt an AGWer today…

…by adopting an AGWer you can help us save the AGWer and its home from the effects of reality and free discussion.

We must act now to try and save the AGWer from extinction.

  1. Magnus A
    2010/01/11 at 14:53

    Oh, it’s too late! 😦 There is already too much human brain polution destroy the environmental business.

    Soon on a museum?

    Creative post however!

    • 2010/01/11 at 15:09

      (for those unfamiliar with Nordic languages, Magnus is suggesting that Al Gore become the next WWF “endangered species” for whom sponsors are welcome, just like the average panda bear)

  2. cbullitt
    2010/01/03 at 01:39

    “Reality is causing the Global Warming consensus to melt and what remains is thinner and more treacherous. AGWers need the consensus to hunt so they are having to travel further and further to reach their prey.”


    Happy New Year.

  3. Term Papers
    2009/12/31 at 05:33

    Excellent post… I really admire this…

    Keep sharing.

  4. Rick
    2009/12/28 at 16:58

    Will the consensus be alive and well in 2020?

    Yes, perhaps it will among the white coat crowd – but for the public to accept it, We’re going to need several shots of good news between now and then. Polar Bear die offs, heat waves and a dozen Cat 5 hurricanes hitting US population centers would do it.

    But if we get nothing but hockey stick graphs and snowstorms by then, the consensus will be limited to guys with pocket protectors and it won’t matter much.

    2009/12/28 at 08:11

    GENTLY NOW, TREAD SOFTLY AND BE NOT TOO QUICK TO CROW. Those who own the world are fully prepared to go ahead with radical depopulation regardless of any climate science or dwindling oil to justify it. When junk science is no longer useful it will be replaced by some other religion. Remember an entire generation was spoon fed this stuff from birth and these climate Nazi youth are not going away any time soon.

  6. Rick
    2009/12/27 at 05:49

    Th AGWer is a glorious beast. In it’s natural element he swims with ease through fearsome waves of climategate emails as he feeds on the fatty goodness of group-think pulled from the frozen iceholes of the alarmosphere.

    Sure extinction draws ever closer even as several large populations continue to exist, seemingly oblivious of the fate that will soon overtake them.

  7. 2009/12/26 at 05:14

    Haha I think Ill pass on the offers to bail out the AGWers – Id rather see them doing community service like planting trees for the next 50 years. Help them pay off their debt to mankind!

  8. Myranda
    2009/12/25 at 20:20

    And if you are not willing to sign up, then you must be in the pay of Big Scepticism and have business interests that benefit from continuing extreme discussions.

    Therefor I cannot take you seriously and I’m certain you have unpleasant similarities to various reprehensible dictators of the past.

  9. John McLean
    2009/12/25 at 02:39

    But Andrew Suprun, the predicted disappearance of any consensus was based on trends and is consistent with models.

    Of course the existence of a consensus is also based on modelling. Modelling of “natural” belief could not account for the estimated amount of belief. If we don’t know how else to account for the difference between the output of models and the estimated belief then it must be manmade and in the form of a consensus.

  10. 2009/12/24 at 20:48

    Am sorry Andrew…lost control there and became a True Believer in Skepticism 😎

  11. 2009/12/24 at 18:13

    Oh no, and they’re so cute (some of them) with their dewy eyes and earnest expressions, I’d hate to think of a biosphere bereft of their presence…

    Merry Christmas, Maurizio!

  12. Andrew Suprun
    2009/12/24 at 17:31

    “experts predict that Global Warming consensus could disappear completely in summer by 2011”. Your fear mongering is unbelievable. You exaggerate speed of consensus melting by at least of a factor of 10. The is plenty of evidence that Global Warming consensus will be alive and well in 2020.

  1. 2011/12/14 at 08:14
  2. 2010/01/05 at 12:40

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