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A Quick Note About Corbyn’s Solar Weather Technique Conference

Not many words out yet about WeatherAction’s “Climate Change, The Solar Weather Technique & The Future of Forecasting”, the conference organized by Piers Corbyn and hosted by the Imperial College in London on Oct 28. Amazingly, BBC’s Roger Harrabin just spoke about it during the midnight BBC Radio4 news, in rather neutral and very appropriate tones as far as I can remember (nothing has surfaced in the BBC News site as yet).

Myself, I have been able to get to the conference and back, just in time and only to hear Corbyn’s opening remarks, when he lamented the immorality of the mainstream obsession with CO2 and compared his work to longitude measurer Harrison, rejected by the scientific and political establishment for a long time despite being right and only winning acceptance by winning the acceptance and trust of users (the Royal Navy, according to Corbyn)

  1. 2009/10/31 at 12:13

    Am conducting a quick experiment…more about that soon!

  2. 2009/10/31 at 09:30

    Oops, missed that yesterday, somehow. Interesting – a bit sarcastic in part but not a total hatchet job. Good comments too, for the most part.

    • 2009/10/31 at 10:16

      Piers has broken through the BBC glass ceiling…

  3. 2009/10/30 at 23:36

    Still nothing yet about this on the BBC News website. Andrew Orlowski has just posted an article in The Register about Piers Corbyn, though – rather tantalising it is too.

  1. 2009/11/02 at 02:05

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