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Victims Of Climate Change, Or Of Human Stupidity

It has been a busy month of August for all things climate change…apologies then if contrarily to this site’s policy, some news will appear that have been already well beaten by people like Watts, McIntyre, Marohasy, Nova, etc etc

Despite its title (“Coastal home owners face huge losses from rising sea“), there is nothing in a recent Reuters article about any rise in sea levels due to climate change or whatever else. Funny also how the solution to the “huge losses” is clearly at hand, and yet people blame “climate change” for…a presumed risk:

One hour drive north, a defensive line of seawalls and years of pumping sand onto beaches has replenished the tourist Gold Coast, protecting them from powerful cyclones this year.

The real eye-opener is a quote from the printed version of that same article (on the International Herald Tribune), that for some reason has not been deemed worth of preservation by Reuters themselves:

Risk-averse insurance companies, with their passion for actuarial tables and probabilities, are as much in the dark as anyone else when it comes to the unknown consequences of climate change

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