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James Hansen, Nobel Prize in Physics 2009?

That would make perfect sense, wouldn’t it? With the Ceremony coinciding with the start of the “United Nations Climate Change Conference – Conference of Parties number 15″, that is COP15.

Talk about a big media coup just in time to get Copenhagen 2009 on the pre-agreed path…

UPDATE OCT 7: Oops. Hansen’s fans will have to wait another year, or worldwide temperatures to climb back again…

    2009/10/05 at 14:10


  2. Luis Dias
    2009/09/28 at 08:56

    James Hansen for Nobel?!? What a joke! Physics is not politics, nor activism, it’s goddamned physics! And Hansen knows squat about physics.

  3. 2009/06/23 at 22:04

    Alfred Nobel wrote in his will
    ” which shall be annually distributed in the form of prizes to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind.”

    Geophysics is part of Physics and reducing climate change is more beneficial to mankind then any astronomical discovery or new exotic particle.

    Ph.D. in Physics James Hansen the heads the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies is one of the most influential persons in fighting to reduce climate change.

    We are not against the research in basic physics and astronomy nor for reducing the funding for CERN or any Overwhelming Huge Any Thing

  4. geoff chambers
    2009/06/02 at 23:02

    James Hansen, Nobel Prize in Physics 2009? That would make perfect sense, wouldn’t it?
    But, does anyone know what the head of GISS, NASA’s surface temperature division, actually does? Except periodically revise past temperatures down, while doing nothing to improve the measurement of current temperatures. When Alan Watts revealed that 85% of US surface stations did not meet minimal legal standards, the official response was zero. Hansen is too busy comparing coal trucks to Nazi death trains to worry about such trivia as the accuracy of the statistics for which he is responsible.
    I’ve put forward several times my (ad hominem) explanation for Hansen’s insouciance. If you work for the organisation responsible for exploring the uttermost reaches of the universe, and they give you the job of measuring the temperature five feet above ground, you’re bound to have a sizeable chip on your shoulder.

    • 2009/06/02 at 23:29

      He has invented the contemporary view on the greenhouse effect with his Venus PhD dissertation, hasn’t he?

  1. 2009/06/06 at 19:24

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