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Either The Best BBC Climate Blog…

…or their way of “showing impartiality”?

In any case, the BBC’s “Climate Change – The Blog of Bloom” is well worth an entry in one’s RSS feeds list.

And the authors there are quite humorous and far, far less the self-conscious, bordering-on-pompous, depressive types like Roger Harrabin and Richard Black.

For a couple of suggestions, start from these:

Carbon-neutral adventurers find reason to love oil tanker

Giant trees decline in Yosemite: climate change may, or equally may not be to blame

Sacked climate minister reveals somewhat unsurprising support for state aid


Now…can “The Blog of Bloom” really be used to demonstrate the impartiality of the BBC in the climate debate? I am afraid it cannot. See, there is no link to it, and there has never been, into the “Science and Environment” section of the BBC News website.

  1. papertiger
    2009/05/28 at 07:42

    You got me started with Yosemite. This is my neighborhood (give or take a hundred miles). I did some research awhile back when the local paper was pushing climate change as killin off the critters in Yosemite. There is an extensive websource for all things climatological in California called the Western Regional Climate Center located conveniently in Sacramento.
    But since the web is world wide you can look at it right here http://www.wrcc.dri.edu/summary/Climsmcca.html.
    This is the Coop list page for central California.
    You’ll see a list along the left hand side, and a map of central Cal on the upper right. The map has hotlinked red squares marking the location of individual stations. Nevermind that for now.

    Scroll down the left hand list (alphabetical order) until you find Yosemite Park Hdqrts. As you mouse over the name, the location will highlight on the map. The surrounding half dozen red squares comprise the greater Yosemite Park area.

    Yes, it is pretty cool.
    Now click on park hdqrts.

    The question is has the climate changed enough to plausibly harm big trees.
    In Yosemite really big trees are hundreds of years old, and sometimes thousands. Plenty of time to get aclimatized, weathering medieval warm periods. and decades long droughts many times.
    I can’t talk much about that. We didn’t have thermometers back then.
    But we do have a thermometer at the Yosemite headquarters which has continuously monitored the high and low temperature since 1905.
    Scroll to Temperature, Monthly Temperature listings, average, then click.

    Ave temp for 2008, 53.41; Ave temp from 1905-2009, 53.2;
    Two tenths of a degree Fahrenheit is supposed to kill off 26% more Big Trees, compared to mortality rates recorded back in the 30s.

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