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In Case You Missed It…Going By Car To The North Pole

Russian motorists drive to North Pole


Russian motorists have reached the North Pole for the first time in an Arctic expedition. The new record has been set by a team of seven Russians. They set out for the Pole from the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago on two experimental Russian-made YEMELYA cars on the 20th of March, covered over 1,100 kilometres on pack ice, and reached the earth’s northern pole on Sunday, the 26th of April. The jubilant team of seasoned travellers is now receiving congratulations from across Russia.


not exactly your average SUV but still…the vehicles look quite heavy, therefore the underlying ice must have been quite solid…

Who knows why Richard Black or Roger Harrabin don’t appear interested in the effort?

  1. 2011/04/21 at 23:18

    The Russians are doing it again in 2011. Seven men crew is crossing over the North pole into the Canadian Arctic from the Russian Arctic.

  2. John Cox
    2010/02/18 at 05:41

    Technically TopGear didn’t get to the North Pole. They were at the 1996 location of the magnetic north pole. A long way from the actual 2007 magnetic pole, or the actual north pole.

  3. Hallow Fox
    2009/11/07 at 00:28

    This report is a complete Fail. Top Gear drove to the north pole in a 2006 Toyota Hilux, some time in 2007 for the Polar Adventure special that aired on the 25 July 2007.

  4. 2009/05/27 at 11:31

    “Who knows why Richard Black or Roger Harrabin don’t appear interested in the effort?”

    I think I know why – the story lacks those uniquely British elements of heroic muddle and failure.

    Also it perpetuates the delusion that there is still thick ice at the North Pole, when everyone knows it’s all just a hologram created by evil denier-funding industrialists. 🙂

  5. kuhnkat
    2009/05/23 at 05:02

    Obviously the Russkies used their newest anti-grav technology to steal a huge march on the west and drive over that thin, AGW melted, ice!!!

    I also wonder why it didn’t make it to any front pages!! This has got to be a first. Anyone call the Guinness Book of World Records?? (or is that just for beer drinkers and not Vodka drinkers)

  6. 2009/05/22 at 12:09

    Wow–good story. Not my cup of tea to risk falling through and drowning in the cold darjk water, just for a record though.

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