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Interactive Climate Simulator – France 2050 To 2100

French magazine Science et Vie has released a web-based interactive climate simulator (for France, and in French…but it should be easy to use for all).

Looks like plenty of fun. One wishes they had avoided the ambiguity of talking about scenarios and then presenting what looks like a departmental-level forecast with a seasonal detail for every year in the second half of the present century.

And as somebody has already commented, what is the point of going to 2050? Why, wouldn’t it be nice to get some news about the 2010 Summer season…

ps plenty of umbrella business expected around Montpellier

pps for the Britons reading this…it’s roasted frogs in the Alps by 2080 or so! 8)

  1. papertiger
    2009/05/14 at 20:17

    Wait, wait, wait. how about this.

    Interactive projection of Antarctic sea ice extent based on it’s growth trend over the last 30 years.

    No wait even better. A short film stitching together Antarctic sea ice extent on the single day, Sept 30 over the last 30 years.

    • 2009/05/14 at 20:23

      THAT should be feasible…but then Science et Vie will counteract with a projection of beachfront real estate prices in 2076 with view on the Erebus

      • papertiger
        2009/05/15 at 04:54

        sounds positively pessi-optimistic.


        People get bombarded with the ice is melting stories, visuals, interactive gismos, so regularly that they develop a bunker mentality about the situation (That’s my guess). Betcha not more then a dozen hardcore Al Gore rooters ever clicked through to that Science et Vie simulation (only six if you exclude employees of Science et Vie ;).
        An “ice is growing” visual from out of the blue, turning the AGW up on it’s ear, would be greeted as a refreshing novelty (another guess).

  2. papertiger
    2009/05/14 at 07:08

    Whatever else it is, and all of geoff’s criticisms are true, this interactive global warming map is ingenius marketing.
    When is our side going to wise up and realize we are in a pr campaign? We need the interactive gadgets that use the warmers bullshit against them.
    Give them a taste of warmer ju jitsu.
    I am refering to the Steig wishfulfillment map of emulated warming over still frozen (and getting colder by all acounts not originating from Real Climate allumni) unmapped regions of Antarctica.
    Steig is allowed to conjour fire breathing dragons because Antarctica is mostly unknown, and the regions he is lying about most likely will remain that way long enough for him to get away with the lie.

    How easy would it be to create a map of more familiar environs using the Steig method? How absolute would the conclusions be when it fortcasts Italy or California as burning up in the hell fire in 2010, based on the inputs from the 1990s?
    That would be a pr coupe. A game changer. AGW would be thoroughly discredited. Al Gore would have his mansion torched, his yaught sunk, the paint on his fleet of SUV’s would be keyed, by an angrey and vengeful mob.
    My kind of people. heh

  3. geoff chambers
    2009/05/13 at 20:17

    Sorry to disappoint, but the Science & Vie climate simulator is rubbish. They simply invite you to choose beteen two IPCC scenarios and click on your region, and they read out the temperature increase. They justify the supposed accuracy of the result by making the IPCC theological distinction beween projections and predictions, a piece of sophistry which has scandalously not been criticised in the mainstream media.
    They advertise blogs on climate change, but the latest I could find dates from December 2007. The comments which follow being mainly negative, perhaps the magazine decided to suspend discussion of climate change since. Many thanks to sceptical commenters, though, for some new additions to the international glossary of climate scepticism, such as “bigot climatique”, and “caca nerveux du GIEC” [IPCC]
    There are interesting sceptical blogs in France – such as http://skyfal.free.fr/ – but they tend to rely on English language sources. (An exception is http://skyfal.free.fr/?p=348 – on the financial scandal surrounding the purchase of wind-farm permits in Sicily – inevitably suggesting Mafia involvement in global warming alarmism). My favourite non-English-language sceptical site is the Italian anarchist rant http://www.movimentolibertario.it/home.php which manages to combine climate scepticism with praise of tax evasion and criticism of the “fascist” Che Guevara.

    • 2009/05/13 at 21:53


      Does it mean you’re not up for the umbrella business?

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