Pupils: Brothels, Not Wind Farms

Not-so-surprising results from a “survey of sixth year students at a Scottish secondary…quizzed on what they would like to see provided in their town” by the “Selkirk Regeneration Group (SRG)“.

One student suggested a house for prostitutes.

The pupils voted against a wind farm.

Cue a customary “a disappointing outcome” quote from SRG chairman Dr Lindsay Neil, and mention that “more [needs] to be done to ‘get the message across’“. Why has he bothered to ask, one wonders.

  1. Adam L
    2009/05/14 at 15:14

    As the student who suggested the brothel, I would like to point out that I was speaking entirely in jest. I can’t BELIEVE this story has made it to BBC News! XD

    • 2009/05/14 at 15:36

      A place in Celebrity Big Brother shouldn’t be too far off for you Adam.

  2. kuhnkat
    2009/05/11 at 06:52

    Sounds like the quality of education in the West is settling at the lowest common denominator!!! Wouldn’t surprise me to get a similar outcome in Government schools here in the US.

  3. indir
    2009/05/09 at 09:29

    thank youı

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