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Is Humanity Abysmally Clueless On Climate?

Setback for climate technical fix

Leaders of the German-Indian expedition said they had gained valuable scientific information, but that their results suggested iron fertilisation could not have a major impact, at least in that region of the oceans.

No further comment should be needed…

  1. Gary Lund
    2009/03/26 at 17:33

    These “experiments” frighten me. Large scale oceanic fertilization with minerals (such as iron), while known to result in algal blooms can also lead to massive increases in bacterial and infectious microorganism populations. This can in turn lead to increased coral bleaching and the like as discussed by Idso:


    So many unintended consequences, so little forethought and scientific discipline evident in much of this hysteria. Quite depressing really….

  2. Alan McIntire
    2009/03/24 at 13:15

    I remember my school days, reading about the Salem, Massachusetts witch trials in the 17th century, and thinking how benighted those people were. With my current perspective, I now realize how enlightened they were compared to the current AGWers.
    For one thing, they didn’t convict anyone without a trial-
    A. McIntire

  1. 2009/03/24 at 14:45

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