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How To Link Record Cold And Snow To Global Warming…

…in a few easy steps!

  1. If a winter is warmer than the average, claim that as evidence that the globe is warming and the climate is changing, because winters are supposed to be cooler
  2. If the following winter is warmer than the average, go back to 1.
  3. If the following winter is average or colder, claim that as evidence that the globe is warming and the climate is changing, because even if winters were initially supposed to be as cold as the average, since recent winters have been warmer than that, then an average or cooler winter is a change in climate (and it is due to global warming because everything is)

Sadly, the above is not an example of sarcasm, but the unvarnished truth of some unbelievable debate currently at play in Italy. I may (or may not) translate the whole thing, but for now I’ll simply point to the record-breaking snowfalls in Piedmont and the Vallée d’Aoste, Northwestern Italy, where :

  • the village of Balme has seen 170cm, 5’7″ of snow in just 24h (previous record in that part of the Alps: 115cm, 3’9″, again in Balme in 1933)
  • Limone Piemonte has been buried in more than 200cm, 6’7″ of snow
  • Champoluc, Vallée d’Aoste, is likely to be evacuated because of too much snow

I’ll also post quite spectacular pictures when I find the time. Couple of videos may suffice for now:

  1. 2009/01/12 at 19:06

    But if you are parasite scientist sucking on taxpayer money to study global warming you need to be more convincing like ‘adjust’ for the ‘urban heat island’ UHI effect of urbanization around temperature reporting stations with a value far LESS than what actually compensates for the effect. Or you ignore the fact that reporting stations in the most remote places of Siberia, the ones that used to record the lowest temperatures on earth – were systemically shut down during the 80’s and 90’s due to a lack of funding and the absence of their data made it appear that average global temperatures had increased even though most rural stations stil operating show little change at all. Their fraud just continues while the Arctic is currently experiencing some of coldest weather in 100 years and many polar bears may actually starve to death next spring because there won’t be enough food for all of them if the ice stays too solid for too long.

  2. 2008/12/18 at 21:01

    The snow in the videos looks heavy indeed, makes me cold just to look at it.

    I note from the news that ambulance crews in the UK have had record calls recently. On the BBC News website it says: “So far, this December has been the coldest for 30 years in many parts of Britain. This has caused a sharp increase in falls and breathing problems and has combined with outbreaks of flu and the winter vomiting bug norovirus to create the high level of demand.”

    Mind you, these are normal, non-climate-change-related problems and so not as serious as the lesser problems encountered during heatwaves, which are due to Global Warming and are thus automatically far more ominous. :o)

  3. 2008/12/17 at 23:30

    The unbelievable debate is about some people trying to blame current heavy snow on Berlusconi’s reluctance to accept the 20/20/20. Divine retribution, I suppose…atheism must be on the wane in AGW circles…

  4. geoff chambers
    2008/12/17 at 21:51

    So what’s the unbelievable debate currently playing in Italy? I’ve searched “Repubblica” (Italian equivalent of the Guardian and Independent) with the equivalents of “global warming” and “climate change” and come up with just a few dozen hits in the past three years, not enough to fill a single issue of the Guardian. The biggest problem for the propagation of rational scepticism in Europe at the moment, I would suggest, is the nature of our allies – Peter Lilley and Lord Lawson in Britain, Claude Allegre in France, Berlusconi in Italy. With friends like these…

  1. 2009/04/26 at 10:51

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