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Stansted Climate Protest, or Why AGW Must Be Challenged

Major PR debacle for AGWers, one hopes, in today’s break-in at London’s Stansted Airport with thousands unable to leave for their expected destinations.

And it’s not just a matter of going home and rebook online: imagine how many pre-booked vacations have been ruined, family reunions postponed, business meetings cancelled, money wasted in giant taxi fares and expensive car parking, that will have to be paid again shortly.

Who would have guessed, of all people the climate protesters have prevented from flying a BBC journalist with plenty of AGW articles in his CV and a long-planned trip to Poznan to attend the UN climate talks. Is there a long, long ferry journey to Denmark in Mr Black’s future, one wonders?

Promises of bringing to protesters in front of a court of justice already abounds. However, in the recent past the UK Government has approved of apparently law-breaking climate-change protests, so I would’t bet anybody will be punished…


Actually the Plane Stupid’s plain stupid initiative of today comes out handy to demonstrate why AGW has to be challenged by everybody with a sane mind: because it has been portrayed in so dire terms, that people of various critical ability will do who-knows-what excessive actions in its name.

If 80% or more of the living species are threatened by humans, surely a terrorist attack will appear fully justified in many not-even-too-deranged-minds? People have been bombing each other for decades for far less than the well-being of the biosphere. One wished nonviolence figured more prominently in the Plane Stupid declarations.

Nothing is safe from “the threat of runaway climate change”, and no rights can be considered too important for AGWers to leave it untouched: our rights to move freely, to choose how to earn and how to spend our money, to plan for a holiday, to visit parents and other relatives abroad or even on the other side of the country, not to mention the right to think if not express the opinion that AGW is a big castle made of nothing like sand, they will all disappear sooner or later, if nobody tries to insert some sense in the climate discussion.

The strange bit is that even such an authoritative AGW group like the IPCC, and avowed catastrophiliacs such as Lord Stern, do not believe overdramatic actions are needed today, or tomorrow. Rather, they all advocate something to be done in the scale of decades.

And that is even more worrying: because in spite of what is actually meant by Stern, or by Al Gore, or by James Hansen or the UK Government,  at the end of the day their choice of words will always inspire simpletons to do something very very silly at airports and elsewhere; and Governments to curtail civil liberties in the name of the Greater Good That Could Not Have Been Portrayed Greater.

Perhaps more people will wake up one day to the fact that he transformation of society into a “Moral Police State” is the only way AGW  can be stopped, or so it is implied by those that portray it as the biggest challenge to humanity, a threat bigger than the terrorism, the source of everything wrong with the world today, the thing that will burn up the world to cinder, etc etc.

All statements, by the way, that rest on very weak foundations, because extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence. And we don’t have it.

  1. Mad Bluebird
    2009/01/05 at 16:05

    The outright mass stupdidy of stupid green activists their as stupid and rediculous as the tree huggers over this SAVE THE RAINFORESTS ripoff. I mean one day those GREENPEACE or PLANE STUPID idiots are going to go dashing out on some airport tarmack to unfurl their stupid banners or wave their stupid signs some guards are going to panic and leave a few dozen eco-freaks laying dead all over the place

  2. 2008/12/08 at 22:59

    Aha, that may explain why the BBC have reported the angry reactions of passengers in quite an objective way, here. How ironic is that, though – the BBC’s own environmental reporter thwarted by environmentalists.

    Public support appears to be on the low side for these people, though. The National Climate March on Saturday, for instance, drew an estimated 5,000 people, less than a quarter of the crowd attending just one of the football matches taking place the same day. And substantially less than the turnout for similar events only a few years ago.

    If the 21st century non-warming persists, and if the vast majority of people continue to fail to rally behind their cause, I just hope they don’t turn to more desperate and dangerous measures.

  3. geoff chambers
    2008/12/08 at 19:55

    Thanks for an interesting article, as usual. It’s given me (at last), an idea for something useful I can do. I’ll be passing through Stansted twice over the holidays, and shall come armed with a few hundred leaflets to hand out to possible angry stranded passengers. It’ll explain that AGW isn’t happening, and give the addresses of sites like yours. Any suggestions for a co-ordinated campaign would be welcome

  1. 2010/09/08 at 13:26

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