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Climate Change Will Cause LOLs, ROTFLs and BWLs

I immediately renege my pledge about writing mostly on unsung Climate Change stories, to point to this extremely funny video “Global Warming: The List” apparently based on the well-known Numberwatch list.

WARNING: DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO ON TRAINS OR PUBLIC PLACES INCLUDING THE OFFICE. Not everybody appreciates apparently uncontrollable bursts of laughter.

  1. 2008/11/21 at 19:09

    I wouldn’t be surprised, that’s usually when conditions are at their most freezing! Talking of that – this winter’s cold snap No.2 is about to hit the UK over the next 12 hours. Incoming!

  2. 2008/11/20 at 22:52

    since there’s plenty of cold coming towards England, even snow perhaps, I wonder if there is any big anti-agw event going on? 🙂

  3. 2008/11/20 at 21:53

    Terrific video, thanks for posting; gave me a much-needed laugh on this rather chilly November evening. :o)

  4. 2008/11/19 at 17:11

    thank you KuhnKat but…if you repent this way, you’re bound to generate even more CO2.

    Please do it quietly instead. And don’t breath too much.

  5. KuhnKat
    2008/11/19 at 16:51

    Obviously AGW is the ULTIMATE EVIL!!!!

    Please forgive me for I have sinned!!!!


  1. 2008/11/28 at 11:07
  2. 2008/11/19 at 09:15

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