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Is There Any Industry Making Use of the Greenhouse Effect?

Yes, it is a genuine question. And no, I do not want to hear about Al Gore / other politicians / greenies / lobbyists.

Is there any type of industry making use of the greenhouse effect? I understand that CO2 is added to actual greenhouses, but not because it is a GHG. Would be interesting to find out if such a world-changing phenomenon is or has been of practical use.

  1. barbara
    2008/10/01 at 23:57

    Gosh, that’s a really good question. We could be heating our houses and, if we pumped the carbon in from outside, we’d be cleaning up the environment too.

    I think you implication is 100% correct. If it worked, someone would have figured out how to use it.

  2. 2008/10/01 at 16:49


    I fail to see how those links relate to my original question. Could you please let me know your thoughts on why it is so difficult to find any industry that takes advantage of this “greenhouse effect” that is supposed to increase temperatures without adding energy to a system?

    Does anybody know of an oven for example with a CO2-rich atmosphere? Or using CO2 to help with thermal insulation?

  3. 2008/10/01 at 16:09

    The CO2 problem in 6 easy steps http://www.realclimate.org/index.php/archives/2007/08/the-co2-problem-in-6-easy-steps/langswitch_lang/sw
    Yet more CO2 http://tamino.wordpress.com/2008/08/08/yet-more-co2/

    CO2 may stimulate plant growth, but climate change does not (ie there are multiple impacts of increased concentrations of atmospheric CO2) http://debunking.pbwiki.com/Good-for-Plant-Growth-Myth

  4. 2008/09/29 at 15:06


    perhaps somebody will start a project to genetically engineer humans that like to eat nothing more than a good weed salad ūüėé

  5. 2008/09/29 at 12:17

    CO2 is added to greenhouses not because of its GHG properties but because it stimulates plant growth. Unfortunately, weeds respond more strongly to increased concentrations of CO2 than do most crop plants, so in the open the overall effect on crops (ignoring climatic changes (temperature/rainfall etc.)) is likely to be deleterious.

    Similarly its effects in acidifying the ocean, though spurring an explosion in the likes of jellyfish, is largely deleterious, wiping out the complex coral reef ecosystems.

    The main industries that will benefit from climate change are military suppliers and macro-engineering firms like Halliburton and Schlumberger, as there will be a strong need for coastal and other adaptation as well as an increase in resource-related conflict. Advanced climate modeling also is a growth industry, perhaps somewhere all the quantum physicists who have been working at the hedge funds to extract money out of the economy can go now that the Ponzi scheme is collapsing.

  6. Douglas Hoyt
    2008/09/29 at 12:09

    Ice cream trucks used to use dry ice for cooling. Perhaps they still do.

  7. 2008/09/29 at 11:52


    Is CO2 added to greenhouses because of its GHG properties? If that’s true, I would like to know more details

  8. 2008/09/29 at 04:44

    “but not because it is a GHG”

    Huh? The greenhouse effect was discovered by Joseph Fourier in 1824 and was first investigated quantitatively by Svante Arrhenius in 1896.

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