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Warm Weather Does Not Concern The UK Met Office

An entire article about the unfavourable effects of the weather on people’s health, and not a single mention of anything relating to warmer conditions…

Does anybody know why the BBC and the UK Met Office are unable to logically follow the above, and proclaim a very, very good side of the expected warming in the next years?

  1. 2008/09/24 at 16:42

    This could be a tacit acknowledgement that there won’t be much evidence of warming over the next few years. Back in February, the BBC were warning us about the possibility of over 6,000 deaths if there were to be a very hot summer between now and 2017. But then came the “Next decade ‘may see no warming'” story in May, following the Leibniz Institute’s study, which took ocean cycles into account. So perhaps it’s understandable that they haven’t mentioned either the pros and cons of warming in this article. The emphasis is very much on staying snug in winter and on coping with cold snaps. Reading between the lines, they may be telling us to expect somewhat chillier conditions in future, than they’ve been leading us to believe…

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