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Surprising Remarks in NASA-Endorsed Website

Cosmic rays stream down into Earth’s atmosphere from the sun and elsewhere beyond the solar system. Recent studies show that these particles penetrate into the troposphere and alter the way that droplets condense to form clouds, rain and snow with important weather and climate consequences. Changes in the sun’s ultraviolet light affects the ozone layer and the energy input into the upper atmosphere. As the upper atmosphere is heated, it expands into space causing increased friction for satellites.

The ISS must be ‘re-boosted’ every three months to prevent it from burning up in the atmosphere. The Skylab station on July 11, 1979 reentered prematurely because of a solar storm event.

The above from the Solar Storms “Space Weather” website, listing NASA more than once in its endorsements page.

The below is instead from their Climate page:

Scientists have examined the climate record for other signs of the connection between space weather and climate-weather changes with many surprising results listed below.

The Trends page, alas, loses out on many of those “surprises”…

  1. 2008/07/21 at 21:50

    That site may have not been updated in whole or in part for a while…still, it’s is curious to think it is “out there” and even linked from Goddard Spaceflight Center’s (Hansen’s) own website

  2. 2008/07/21 at 21:24

    I’ve just had a closer look at the solarstorms.org website and yes, they do mention Svensmark, and they’re not automatically dismissing him either.

  3. 2008/07/21 at 21:14

    Yes, there does seem to be a curious disconnect here. Could the “recent studies” be by a certain Henrik Svensmark, I wonder?

  1. 2012/03/21 at 01:32

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