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How the BBC Used the Wrong Picture to Talk About Media Accuracy

This is too funny to pass. Message just sent to the BBC:

Hi – you are using the wrong picture to accompany one article about the Ofcom ruling on the “Global Warming Swindle” documentary.

The page “Opinion: A reluctant whistle-blower” is using the IPCC TAR (2001) “Hockey Stick” graph

IPCC TAR (2001) Hockey Stick

IPCC TAR (2001) Hockey Stick

The above can be seen in a 2004 BBC News article “Climate legacy of ‘hockey stick’“.

Obviously, you should have used the more recent IPCC (2007) temperature graph, as per your own website

IPCC AR4 (2007) Temperature Graph

IPCC AR4 (2007) Temperature Graph

That graph is published in the BBC News website’s “Climate Change: The evidence“.

Please have it fixed asap. After all, the article with the wrong picture is about…accuracy in the media!!

regards – maurizio

  1. 2008/07/23 at 23:17

    There’s always the chance of them using the HS as an “icon” of the global warming culture wars. If that’s the case, they’ll be using it no matter how ridiculous the circumstances.

  2. 2008/07/23 at 22:22

    That damn hockey stick is like Dracula in all those 1970s Hammer horror movies. Just when you think Dracula has been destroyed for ever, he is somehow reconstituted and brought back at the start of the next movie, to terrorise the world again. Will someone please exorcise this hammy old piece of sports equipment for eternity! Thank you.

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