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Hansen’s “Desperation 350” – And Still They Travel

Full-page ad on the IHT on June 23 by the Taellberg Forum:


Remember this number for the rest of your life

It is left to the reader’s imagination to hear music like in an old Bela Lugosi movie…

Anyway: such an effort is apparently linked to the 20th anniversary of Hansen’s warning to the US Congress about global warming.

We are told, CO2 concentration at the time was 350 ppm, and now it’s 385. We are also told that “Science says” the worst effects happen above the level of 450ppm.

Looks like it’s not too much of a worry then? Don’t even think about it.

For unfathomable reasons (=otherwise a lot of people would become inconsequential), the ad says that we have to go back to levels lower than 350ppm anyway (and yes, there is no scientific basis at all for choosing the value “350”) “peacefully and deliberately, with all possible speed” (rather ominous words if you ask me…): because “<350 is essential to maintain human and planetary well-being


Why then “350”? Perhaps as a celebratory level for Hansen’s true guidance. But with planetary temperatures refusing to go up, I do expect lots more of this stuff in the near future

I have a small question though: if they believe in what the ad says then…why are they still travelling so much? For example, to the Taellberg Forum, june 26-29 in Sweden.

  1. James H
    2008/06/29 at 20:58

    frankbi, is that all you’ve got? Just foaming at the mouth religious rantings? Not even a hint of a rebuttal? If 450ppm is the point where bad things happen, why is 350ppm important? How did the earth and life on it survive the times in the past when it was much higher?

  2. 2008/06/26 at 21:01

    Forgot to mention, frankbi…there are enough datsets available, any temperature trend can be “demonstrated” with the right graph…

  3. frankbi
    2008/06/26 at 17:15

    “But with planetary temperatures refusing to go up”

    Hmm, said like a true ‘skeptic’ who brainlessly parrots global warming denialist talking points.

    Unfortunately, it’s the increase in global temperatures that refuses to go away. The only way to make it go away is to, well, send it to Guantanamo.

    — bi, International Journal of Inactivism

  1. 2008/06/26 at 13:59

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