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Science a Side Issue in International Scientific Congress on Climate Change

Early birds at the University of Copenhagen, talking already about the International Scientific Congress on Climate Change scheduled for March 2009 (only 9 months to go…).

The Preliminary Programme is available and I cannot see anything to be optimistic about. First of all, the one all-science Parallel Session (#1: Exploring the Risks: Understanding Climate Change) shows little chance of understanding much apart from all that may go bad with climate change itself. Not a single topic on anything good that may come out of a warmer world, heaven forbid!!

Even more worrying, overall proper “Science” does not appear to be central to the conference. There are many topics that more properly fall under “Policy”, “Politics” and “Management”.

What are those doing in a meeting aiming “to provide a synthesis of existing and emerging scientific knowledge necessary“, is anybody’s guess: or a sign that too many AGW scientists really cannot extricate themselves from climate activism.

And that’s a way of debasing their own science.


  1. Ozz
    2009/03/10 at 23:57

    Since Global Warming is only a quarter baked theory and there doesn’t seem to be any creditable evidence of it occuring, should not Al Gore be sued for starting such a global economic problem? In his book of fiction “An Inconvenient Truth,” Al Gore barrowed scenes from science fiction to try and prove his hypothesis. He took the scene right out of “The Day After Tomorrow,” a science fiction video.

    It has become more apparent that the Earth maybe actually entering into a mini “ice age.” A colder planet would be much more harmful for human existence than a planet that may (not proven) have a temperature rise of 0.4 degree Celsius in 100 years. A colder planet has shorter growing seasons and less livable areas. Energy usage would increase and agricultural land would decrease. A slightly warmer planet would actually be beneficial for the human race.

    Cyclical weather changed have occured throughout history and to other planets in our solar system. Jupiter is undergoing similar changes in climate to that which the Earth is undergoing. The Earth’s CO2 emmisions could certainly not be effecting Jupiter or any of the othe planets.

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