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Warming World Affecting the Minds of Nature Editors

Much fanfare on Nature and elsewhere about a paper by Rosenzweig et al that appears to be a re-hash of chapter 1 of the IPCC AR4-WG2 report.

Now, there is one thing that is very evident: the vast majority of reported changes are about Europe.

Nature reporter Emma Marris admits “the bulk of the observations come from Europe”. That statement is somewhat incomplete. In the IPCC report, for example, there are, from Europe, 28,115 observed biological changes out of a worldwide total of 28,671.

That’s 98%. Just from Europe. And most of it, just from a single meta-analysis.

Perhaps Marris should have substituted “bulk” with “pretty much the absolute totality”.


So the years are passing by, but the question remains: what if Global warming is just European?

ps I am worried about Californian birds (the ones with plumage, that is). There’s a researcher studying them, Cagan Sekercioglu of Stanford University, but he doesn’t show much interest in the real world:

““We shouldn’t even need to publish such papers at this point,” he says. “This paper is an argument that climate change is causing the observed changes. This should be a given. Thirty years later we are still trying to convince people of this.”

Well, Mr Sekercioglu, with an attitude like this, I bet you’re going to make lots of unexpected discoveries, aren’t you?

  1. James H
    2008/06/30 at 00:47

    On John Daly’s website (I think that’s where I saw it), he or another contributor has found writings or other accounts and evidence of at least the little ice age, possibly the medieval warm period as well I just don’t recall.

  2. Alex Cull
    2008/05/18 at 11:56

    It’s interesting to reflect that while the bulk of the evidence for these biological changes come from Europe, thus indicating a European phenomenon but not necessarily a global one, AGW proponents put forward a similar argument when dismissing the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age.

    Re the European weather stations, I think Robert has a point. Europe has a greater population density than the States; I’m wondering how close the monitoring equipment is to all the homes, roads, offices and car parks that have been built over the last half century.

  3. KuhnKat
    2008/05/17 at 05:42

    It would be interesting if things like villages in the Alps that HAVEN’T been uncovered by the glacier that engulfed them during the little ice age had already disgorged it.

    Have they started growing grapes in Scotland yet??

    How about that farming in Iceland. Has anyone tried surviving like the Norse did??

    When will glaciers around the world retreat to their pre little ice age positions??

    Well, I am sure you are aware of the list of things that could be added. Basically, the alarmist list of anomalies that can be attributed to warming is probably factual and of small concern until they can match what has happened within the Holocene!!!

    Besides, I thought they all believed in Evolution and the Survival of the Fittest. They’re not worrried that SCEPTICS are more FIT are they??


  4. 2008/05/16 at 21:28

    Maybe they focused on Europe because they don’t have an equivalent of this guy:
    going around and checking the weather stations for biased data collection.

  1. 2008/05/17 at 01:01

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