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Evidence for Warming – And Yes, It’s Good News!

The “Sahara dried out slowly, not abruptly“, according to a Reuters report of a new article by Kropelin et al., published in Science. That would be good news on its own, first as it means abrupt climatic changes happen not as often as once feared; and second, because it indicates climate was changing in an area the size of the United States, between 6,000 and 2,700 years ago (the latter date, coinciding with the legendary foundation of Rome).

Obviously, with no SUVs polluting at the time of Romulus, the end result is…more evidence that if anything is happening right now, is not necessarily the fault of us environmental sinners.

But the really good news is buried at the end of the piece:

[Kropelin] said there were already greener signs in a huge area with almost no reliable weather records. “I see a clear trend to a new greening of the Sahara, a very slow one,” he said, based on visits to some of the remotest and uninhabited parts of the desert over the past two decades. “You go to unoccupied areas over a long time and you know there was pure sand there without a single snake or scorpion. Now you see tens of kilometers covered by grass,” he said.

Finally! Some actual albeit initial evidence that warming is occurring indeed, and not just in continuously-corrected temperature measurements: because a warmer world is a wetter world, for the same reason why a colder world is a drier world, with all that water locked up in ice.

And what is a warmer and wetter world, if not a greener world?

  1. Jerker Andersson
    2008/05/11 at 20:30

    The fact that there seems to be areas of the deserts getting greener again is certainly good news, especially since deserts often exist in developing countries.

    History tells us that it has been colder than it is now, it has also been warmer, even if we just check the last interglacial period until today.
    If something that was not man made could throw us into a colder period called the little iceage, then there must be a reverse process that can get us out of it.

    Natural coooling can not exist without equal natural warming.

    Most important if you want to make your own judgement about the climat is to analyse what the experts are saying. Is it a theroy and has it been proven through emperical evidence? Is it an assumption or is it meassured facts?

    For example if you decide to rely on computer models that tell us we will have a serious manmade warming you need to consider that most models have not proven they can predict the climate yet because it takes decades until enough data are collected in order to verify them.

    As a programmer myself, not in climate modelling though, I know that a program never does what you want/wish it to do. It does what you tell it to do, no matter if it is right or wrong. Only way to test if it works is to test it in the real world.

  2. clubpenguinhooligans
    2008/05/10 at 14:22

    The Earth is going through an natural temp change! My Dad (Yes I Am A Kid) said that when he was a kid people were concerned about Global Cooling. And people think it is their fault? It is a natural thing. Now I am not saying that people should not help the Earth, I just think that people should not be concerned because I bet in about 20 years people will be concerned that Global Cooling is on the way.

    Go to cphooligans.blogspot.com!!

  3. livionicoliello
    2008/05/09 at 21:17

    Sorry for my english, I m just an student from Uruguay,
    The Earth is in Danger or not?
    You the experts says yes , not , yes ,not?
    Thanks Livio Nicoliello

  4. Michele
    2008/05/09 at 18:59

    Thanks so much for this post. I’m continually amazed when people think that humans are causing global warming but even more amazing is that people truly believe we should try to keep climate exactly constant. As if that were even slightly possible!

  5. 2008/05/08 at 21:50

    I’m a firm believer in the fact that the Earth is getting warmer because it’s in a natural cycle – not human induced. Your article made me smile. Several warming periods in the distant past were preceded by a rise in CO2. The CO2 did not cause the rise it just was an indicator of a chnage happing. Some scientists think methane may have a role in the warming as it is a much more potent greenhouse gas. The oceans are the key players. Also remember that in the middle ages there was a “little ice age”. So we must have been in a cooler period and in geological time spans we “should” be getting warmer.

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