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Italian Examples of AGWers’ Totalitarianism

A period of cooling may or may not lie ahead, but there are signs that the average AGWer’s inability to handle dissent is starting to show in Italy too. Here two examples

(1) A comment by somebody signing up as “ina” in (my) Italian version of Numberwatch’s Warmlist, stating that people that do not believe in AGW are to be blamed for the world going to the dogs

(2) A comment by Marco Ferrari: having found no way to reply to my arguments, Ferrari asks on RealClimate’s Butterflies, tornadoes and climate modelling for help in silencing me, of course after calling me a “negationist”, in true goebbelite fashion

It’s just two examples, but having been mobbed not once but twice in an Italian mailing list when I dared to speak out again the AGW credo, the fact that they happened almost at the same time is not an encouraging sign.

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  1. 2008/05/04 at 08:35

    (2) Reading other blogs is to difficult for you, Maurizio?
    By the way, since you’re one of the best and knowledgeable doubter in Italy (better than negationist?) stop whining and acting paranoic, and argment your ideas.

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