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Venus Atmosphere Still A Mystery

From Universe Today: “Although the bright haze of Venus’s atmosphere has been identified, many dark patches have also been observed. So far, there is no explanation for these patches of atmospheric chemicals absorbing solar UV“.

In the meanwhile, raypierre of RealClimate summarizes the latest info about the atmosphere of Venus, but somehow forgets to include the UV absorption mystery (it only shows up as an afterthought, comment #2).

One wonders why? Obsession with consensus and the need to demonstrate there exist such a thing as “climate science” spring to mind.

  1. Louis Hissink
    2009/02/16 at 07:22

    Thanks, I’ll check them out.

  2. Louis Hissink
    2009/02/15 at 10:21


    Arrgh! no, but will do – so much information!

    Incidentally some years back someone had a website on Venus and proposed the idea that Sulphur was being emitted from inferred Venusian volcanoes, (I am a professional geologist and editor of the Aust. Inst. of Geoscientists Newsletter, http://www.aig.org.au), and I have never since been able to find it again. Have you come across it at all?


  3. Louis Hissink
    2009/02/15 at 09:42

    Just found your blog while trying to get quantative data on the solar input to the Venusian surface – 10-14 watts/m2 vs 340 watts/m2 for Earth.

    Have you noted any published data on this?

    I avoid Wikipedia for scientific reasons.

    • 2009/02/15 at 09:52

      Louis: have you tried the NASA planetary atmospheric archives?

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