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No Worries, Blair and Branson Are Thinking About Our Climate…

…with a few chums, on a private island of course.

Having reached the agreement that (“the world is on fire” and) there must be an agreement but nobody knows what kind of agreement, they relaxed by sailing off in a dozen catamarans for a little beach party. With Blair’s security people behind in a motorboat, of course.

Global warming has been defeated! Glory be to Rich People That Care About the Planet!

Next: a zero-emission, perpetual-motion device. A couple of island retreats should suffice…

UPDATE: from a letter published in today’s IHT:

Get real on ‘green’ talk

Regarding the article “A getaway for a bit of ‘green’ talk, via jet-pool” (March 21): You’d think this group of wealthy, powerful fellows who were so involved in developing new uses for the Internet would have heard about teleconferencing. They could view one another on big screens and meet, in real time, without such a profligate use of the petroleum they want the rest of us to do without.

It’s so transparent: They just want to make more money. There is nothing wrong with making money, but they shouldn’t pretend they are trying to save the world.

Betty Perkowski North Stonington, Connecticut

  1. 2008/03/27 at 00:05

    We all know Branson is hiding his windmills and uses a sailboat for transportation.

    The eletism is another problem the ultra rich has in abundance.

    What is next?

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