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Too Much Ice? Who Knows?

Much blogosphere talk about a report by “Svend Erik Hendriksen, a certified weather observer in the Kangerlussuaq Greenland MET Office, who is responsible for all the weather observations at Kangerlussuaq Airport (near to Sisimiut)” according to whom polar bears this year are “very hungry” because of “too much sea ice“.

Since skepticism is not something to turn on and off at will, I have done some research on the topic. Turns out that there is at least one member of a forum that calls himself “S.E. Hendriksen” and claims to be from Kangerlussuaq.

He mentions metereological stuff in at least one post.

Has Mr Hendriksen commented about hungry polar bears in 2008, and too much sea ice? I haven’t found any “original” text so I am simply unable to tell.

One thing for sure, he is not your average AGWer, and publishes curious if somehow jaw-dropping “Roschach-like” analysis of Al Gore’s movie.

Let’s wait a few more days…usually, fake or overblown remarks don’t live that long.

  1. 2008/12/07 at 02:38

    Svend Erik Hendriksen wrote to me today too


    he said:

    Dear Danny Bloom

    You forgot a very important point in your lawsuit…..If your concerns for the climate change is genuine and true, then you forgot to mention “The missing plan B” … a lack of precision in the planning on climate change…it maybe getting cooler very soon and no one (government) in this world has a planning for cooling.

    Many countries connect climate change direct with security policy, if the governments don’t have a plan B for (global cooling) then they have a enormous gab in the climate and security policy. Global cooling will effect about 80% of the worlds polulation humanitarian and demographic and will be a huge security risk.

    Kind regards from
    The coolest place in the world…Greenland

  2. 2008/03/28 at 17:42

    thank you Svend Erik. By all means, please do make the “ilovemycarbondioxide” page easier for the eyes…I can’t read a think on it.

    Also, if you have a minute please explain the greenland ice chart and provide more details on how unusual is the white-tailed eagle story

  3. 2008/03/22 at 23:01

    Hi Maurizio Morabito

    Here is another example: Hungry white-tailed Eagle


    Kind regards

    Svend Erik Hendriksen

  4. 2008/03/22 at 22:45

    Hi Maurizio Morabito

    The story about the hungry polarbear


    Greenlandic Sea Ice update 16/3 2008


    Kind regards

    Svend Erik Hendriksen

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