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Global Warming and the Apollo Moon Hoax

(these are my responses to a blog first published on LiveScience by Robert Roy Britt about a year ago, and that I have “rediscovered” today. RRB clumsily tried to put all global warming skeptics together with the Apollo-is-a-hoax people: sort of the lowest of the low in scientific circles. I have put out a series of challenges at the time, all of them still unmet.)

February 2nd, 2007 at 8:26 am

How about this for logical fallacy: the Apollo mission are historical events, global warming is a forecast (i.e.: it is about the future).

Shame to the scientific mind that is not skeptical of the future!

I am also aghast at your sudden penchant to follow “governments”. From a scientific point of view, who cares what governments have to say about astronomy or particle physics or biology or chemistry or or or?

One wonders what you had to say about Kansas politics deciding the scientific merits of Evolution and intelligent design

So unless you are going to rename this website “LivePolitics”, please do try again at making an intelligent point on climate change

February 6th, 2007 at 5:32 am

I am satistied to see that nobody has picked up the challenge of explaining why, if the evidence of climate change is so unquestionable, we had to get 113 governments approve the first IPCC report after 4 days behind closed doors.

Too bad we have to wait now several months to get to see such “evidence”. One of the few things we have for certain is that, whilst a large number of hurricane experts signed a statement saying there is no definite link between climate change and hurricanes, the IPCC did not think that worthwhile of consideration

Also, nobody has explicitly defended the absurd comparison of climate change skeptics to Moon hoaxers.

What would IPCC supporters say about the lack of difference between Intelligent Design (”there is a God as there are things we cannot explain in biology”) with Anthropogenic Climate Change (”there is human-induced climate change as we cannot explain our data with known mechanisms”)?

Here’s a more serious challenge: find a weather pattern that has changed IN_THE_RECENT_PAST anywhere in the world due to climate change. Rain bands, prevailing winds, weather fronts’ paths, anything would do really.

Now, that would finally give climate change some historical evidence…

Happy hunting!

March 5th, 2008 at 12:07 pm

Just to report that when the evidence did come out (IPCC Fourth Assessment Report – Working Group 2 (AR4-WG2), Chapter 1), we’ve learnt that 96% of the reported changes concern just the continent of Europe.

Actually, there are twice as many European changes incompatible with warming, than worldwide changes compatible with it.

Europe, by the way, occupies just 2% of the Earth’s surface.

The “whole picture” on global warming is unbelievably far from complete. Why don’t the IPCC and climate and environmental scientists push for a truly planet-wide assessment?

ps no, the results of a model cannot be used as “evidence”.

  1. ram
    2009/07/16 at 06:10

    All NASA, Air Force, and other agency employees, and contractors, involved in space and rocket research, preferably those who are highly cleared, should try to look up the details of the alleged moon rocket and lander, particularly the lander. You would have expected this stuff to be well documented. As it turned out I could not find ANY actual physical evidence that man had been sent to the moon and returned. The Saturn V rockets had a claimed specific impluse that has not been matched to this day. There are no test results showing the claimed specific impulse. One would think they would like to be able to use that engine for other space projects – if it really worked as claimed. The moon lander is a real problem, no detailed technical drawings of any part of it, just sketches as if for a movie. And look up the contract, time and dollars, for it. Even though the dollar went further in the 1960’s it didn’t go that far. The price and delivery time are consistent with a mock up or two, not an actual spacecraft.

    • 2009/07/16 at 15:43


      let’s cut it to the bone of it…what evidence would make you change your mind?

    • Shooter
      2012/02/07 at 20:32

      No “physical evidence”? LMFAO. You looked on conspiracy sites, didn’t you? Alright. If we didn’t land on the moon, why did we go back there? Can you explain all the moon rocks they brought back?

      You are full of shit and you know it. So, Buzz Alrdrin and Armstrong were just well paid actors? And the Russians were trolling?

      I guess all those people who watched the rockets take off were being brainwashed by the government.

      Holy fuck, try not to be so stupid. There’s mountains of evidence; you’re just not looking. Cite your sources. Where’d you get your info?

  2. JC
    2009/06/22 at 19:06

    If you check out the FACTS, the World is in a phase of Global Cooling, whereas all the politically charged scientists have to revert to the term “Climate Change” (one of Al Gore’s latest ponzi schemes).

    Insofar as “moon landings”, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency sent Selene (Kaguya) to map the surface of the moon with HDTV, and found “no alien to the moon hardware” at the supposed landings of Apollo 15 and 17.

    The truth will set you free.

    In an insane world, the sane person seems insane.

  3. Brad Guth
    2008/03/30 at 17:57

    There is in fact AGW, but it’s not hardly worthy of 25% of this total dynamic picture on behalf of GW, and it could be worth as little as 10% of the complex package deal that’s still thawing out Earth ever since the last ice-age this planet w/moon will ever see. 2e20 N worth of gravity/tidal force isn’t going entirely out the window without leaving a thermal dynamic factor of GW.
    We have not walked on the moon. Instead, we have been snookered and dumbfounded, most past the point of no return.
    You simply can not hide Venus, especially as viewed from the physically dark surface of our moon.
    Sorry about all that, and there’s certainly lots more that simply does not add up to representing the whole truth and nothing bur the truth.

    It seems there’s still too much that’s cloak and dagger worthy or that of ongoing disinformation and the exclusion of evidence that’s ongoing about our moon, as to not perceive that we’re being officially snookered and otherwise dumbfounded to death by our very own rabbi kind.

    MOM (Motive, Opportunity and Means) = USA/USSR race to the moon

    Like most everything published of our NASA/Apollo moon landing, everything on the following NASA page is either a lie or an exclusion of whatever evidence that’s the least bit contrary to their agenda. It is not the least bit unusual for governments or of their brown-nosed minions to lie, because it is so often of what they do best.

    Each and every unfiltered Kodak moment as supposedly obtained while on the moon is bogus/fake, and as such are only too easily proven as such without hardly a fight because, peer replicated science as based upon the regular laws of physics is what works perfectly each and every time. Oddly their own Kodak partners in crimes against humanity refuse to step into this NASA/Apollo cesspool O-Ring cult of fire.

    There is more than a dozen specifics about such fly-by-rocket technology, photographics, as well as that of physical and environmental considerations that simply would not hold up in any actual court of law if required to support the official record. But then we all know as a matter of fact that our government does not play by any set of fair rules, whereas even those rules of their own making are freely skewed in order to suit or otherwise banish whatever the situation demands.

    The list of viable topics as fair arguments can be as short or as long as you like, but remember that uncovering only one lie need be the case of proving without possible doubt that we humans have not walked on our physically dark moon as officially scripted by our NASA, or of having been robotically traveled upon as touted by the USSR/Russian side of this tango. There’s also the forever orchestrated clownism swarm of internet/usenet agents (aka spooks and moles) doing their usual cloak and dagger thing, of stalking authors for the intent of making topics that do not fully support the mainstream status quo as muddy and/or as clownish and otherwise as smut polluted topics as possible. Even hundreds of intentionally bogus topics of pure gibberish smut incorporating key wordage as NASA, Apollo, moon landing, fake and hoax have been created and posted by those in charge of their PR damage-control, which seems downright silly and otherwise extremely odd as to why they’d have to resort or otherwise allow such childish and adult porn tactics.

    With an existing overkill worth of efficient spysat imaging resolution of that very same era, and of far better resolution since, seems rather odd that such continued and robotically affordable science gathering of absolutely terrific (0.1 m) resolution, and even capable of full/extended tri-color spectrum details on behalf of mineral and deposit mapping as rather easily obtained from a close lunar orbit, was never accomplished to the degree technically possible by our crack MI5/CIA/NSA and Air Force spy-masters of our mutually perpetrated cold-war era, as well as recently JAXA/Selene has been place into a no-win situation so that their HDTV color and other high resolution images are officially taboo/nondisclosure rated (in other words, officially excluded by command of our NASA), as though there is either a little too much of ET worthy information that they either don’t want us to see, or perhaps it’s simply because there’s still nothing to see of exactly where there should have been lots of our Apollo stuff.

    So, because there’s so much of truth and consequences to select from, where do we start?
    . – Brad Guth

    • Shooter
      2012/02/07 at 20:34

      So…AGW is real but we never walked on the moon?

      TL;DR You’re spewing shit nobody cares about to make yourself look smart. There is no evidence to suggest the moon landing was a hoax. Thanks to the Internet, people like you exist.

  4. Brad Guth
    2008/03/30 at 06:41

    We have not walked on the moon.

    We have been snookered and dumbfounded, most past the point of no return.

    You can’t hide Venus, especially from the physically dark surface of our moon.

    Sorry about that, and there’s lots more that simply does not add up.

    • Shooter
      2012/02/07 at 20:37

      “You can’t hide Venus”

      “We have not walked on the Moon” – No, you can’t hide Mercury either. Bro, did you check what orbit Venus was in? Venus and Earth don’t share the same orbit and revolve around the Sun at different times. We DID walk on the moon, but conspiracy theorists such as you don’t want to admit it.

      You’re forgetting one thing: Stars don’t emit very much light, and the Sun is blinding when you’re out there. Do you honestly think: “Hey, Venus is over there by the Sun let’s look at the Sun”? Wow.

    • Shooter
      2012/02/07 at 20:38

      Tell it to this guy:

  5. Pat
    2008/03/11 at 17:58

    Actually the connection between global warming and looney notions is very strong. However its the alarmists who embrace the wacky ideas not the skeptics.

    Art Bell’s radio show is now hosted by someone else. Recently they had a segment on global warming and “out of body” experiences. Art Bell of course is the grand daddy of American wackos. He is a believer in “goat vampires”. He also wrote the book that was the basis for the movie “THe Day After Tommorow”. His co-author is a famous authority on alien abduction.

    In the fifties the UFOs were coming here to save us frm atomic war. Today they are beleved to be coming to save us from global warming. Don’t believe me – Google “global warming UFO”.

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  2. 2008/12/10 at 23:50

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