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Landscheidt, Astrology…and Totalitarianism

Theodore Landscheidt was a well-known, controversial figure in climatology circles (he died in 2004). The controversy arose from his conviction that the Earth’s climate is driven…by the Sun (the shock! the horror!): not much popularity there, among proponents of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW).

One particularly nasty “accusation” has been that Landscheidt was an astrologer. He even published a book on planetary harmonies.

But is that sufficient to throw all his work to the dustbin of science? Of course not.

The fact that Landscheidt believed or didn’t in one type of astrology or another is in fact immaterial to his climate-related work, as long as that work is based on purely physical computations.

And he did!

Otherwise we should dismiss the notion that DNA is a double-helix only because James Watson has said something very silly. Not to mention throwing away electronics as we know it (radios, PCs and all) given the passion for eugenics by Nobel Physics Prize Laureate William Shockley.

The practice of poo-pooing somebody’s work based on one or the other traits of his personality is a sign of a losing argument, or of a totalitarian one.

  1. John Smith
    2010/03/20 at 22:14

    Francis Galton of Srandard Deviaton fame was also a eugenicist. Will we get rid of regression to the mean?

    • 2010/03/20 at 22:33

      interesting that you mention Galton, John…I shall shortly dedicate a blog to him…

  2. nanodrv7
    2009/04/03 at 05:22

    Finally. Everything I have read from dear Teddy makes sense, even though the consequences are so extremely dire that they are almost unimaginable in this world.
    Of all the garbage on the web, the only other statement I have read is the one by a guy who said “Give Sadaam a black suit and send him back to Baghdad.”
    Yep we are going to die by the billions. Starvation will be the soup de jour. Soylant green. Yuk.
    There probably would be a chance if we started victory gardens and put billions of tons of water vapor in the atmosphere, by filling the large depressions in the deserts, but too much time has been wasted talking nonsense. In a couple of years we are going to hear a lot about Teddy. Or at least you will. The old farts go first.

  3. Alex Cull
    2008/01/17 at 12:49

    There are quite a few examples in the history of science. Newton was fascinated by mysticism and alchemy, while Kepler was attempting to force the planets’ orbits into a model based on “perfect” or Pythagorian solids. However, gravity and the heliocentric solar system are pillars of the current scientific world view, so these little unothodoxies are quietly ignored!

  1. 2010/03/20 at 19:08

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